Chris at home – VG

Chris at home - VG
Chris Holsten at the Oslo Spektrum on Saturday night.

Similar artists are fighting against their own song.


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After compelling tours of the cover shows “Stjernekamp” and “Every Time We Meet,” Christopher Holsten has become an extraordinarily good example that good old-fashioned linear television can still create authentic pop stars in this country.

The highlight of his career is also a cover song. “Hvis verden”—a Norwegian version of the equally magical “If the World Ended”—is self-help pop at its best, aided by duo partner Frida Univik.

The song was well received Spellemannprisen for Song of the Year In the complex year 2020. Whether Holsten deserved the same award for the immersive song “Smilet i ditt eget speil” the following year is a different and broader debate.

Anyway: It’s the Norwegian-speaking, popular, and laid-back Kris Holsten who sold the Oslo Spektrum on Saturday in October, not the strictest r&b artist who, after all, built the foundation for the little signer’s career.

One can easily discuss what it means to sell the Spektrum in 2022. Karp is famous for having done so ten times. The previous day’s Ballinciaga party was a laughing stock, while the podcast “Berrum & Beyer talk about things” only needed three days to get rid of tickets to the show next fall.

Chris enters the stage Pictures of Chris entering the stage. The opening minute of Slå hjerte’s song, slå is great, but Holsten’s Achilles heel—the tendency to sell songs at least as much as he sings them—makes itself felt early on.

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“High Above the Sea” suffers from the same Friskos Syndrome. “I have nothing to offer,” he sings in the Tom Petty-esque song “Invulnerable,” but the gorgeous double guitar part contrasts him with love and subtlety.

He makes his singing debut during “Bare when it rains,” but the atmosphere is very good from start to finish – also during the MGP-like song “Wish I Never Met You.”

There is a lot to admire and enjoy about Chris Holsten in large format. He sings “Ein farfar i lievt” by Odd Nordstoga as beautifully as he deserves.

“If the World,” with Univek as guest of course, is a classic classic – a song that will survive, quite simply, and come in so beautifully dressed this evening. 80 – “Pust pust pust” kissed by the number is also a breath of fresh air.

When the evening doesn’t quite live up to the larger Oslo Spektrum, it ultimately comes down to the song’s material. Too many of Holsten’s modern songs sound like Sondre Justad b-side, while older songs exceptionally increase the potential of the ir&b genre.

There is still reason to doubt that the man is on the right track. And it was easy enough to enjoy your time this Saturday at the Spektrum, despite the above reservations.

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