Christina Applegate responds to plastic surgery allegations

Christina Applegate responds to plastic surgery allegations

In 2021, actress Christina Applegate (51 years old) can reveal that Affected by multiple sclerosisbetter known as MS.

Applegate was previously honest about how her appearance changed after contracting the disease, and that She can no longer walk without a cane.

Now the actress is responding to Internet trolls, who believe that changes in her appearance are due to failed plastic surgery.

She opened the post on Twitter with, “I made the stupid choice to look at some of the comments in a People Magazine article about me and my kids.”

“Of course I told her it wasn’t very nice,” Applegate further wrote, attaching a screenshot of what is supposed to be the response she received in her inbox from the person.

“MS didn’t make you look like this, the plastic surgeon did.”

She says the comment makes the 51-year-old laugh.

“What is wrong with people. By the way, I’m laughing.”

On Monday, Applegate appeared at the Critics’ Choice Awards. It’s the first award ceremony she’s attended since 2019, and since her MS.

Multiple sclerosis, also known as multiple sclerosis Directorate of Health A serious disease that mainly affects young people.

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The actor has been making more public appearances lately. After she was diagnosed, she kept a low profile for a long time.

Last November, the well-known actor from series like Our Worst Year received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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Shortly after the ceremony, she also started working on the third and final season of the Netflix series, ‘Dead to Me’. In an interview with The New York Times, Applegate talked about the changes she went through.

– I gained 40 kilograms, and I can’t walk without a stick. I want people to know that I am fully aware of all of this. If people hate her, if people love her, if all they can think is, “Oh, look at that cripple,” I can’t decide.

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