Christina Perry: – Expecting children after the tragedy

Christina Perry: - Expecting children after the tragedy

“Neighbor of Hearts” songs Christina Perry (35) At the end of November 2020, she shared the heartbreaking news of the daughter she was expecting with her husband, Paul Costabel, Came to the world dead.

Since then, the artist has not hidden that it was very difficult for the spouses after they lost their daughter.

Still born: Christina Perry was really looking forward to becoming a mother for the second time. This was not the case. Video: Ingebjørg Iversen / See and Hear
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“Tears break out every day, but at the same time we also find moments for laughter. We go through all the feelings, all the questions, all the mind and all the sadness all day. Within moments we have hope, but not often. I know everything is normal “, I wrote at the time.

But despite the tragedy, the 35-year-old now has every reason to smile again. On Monday, she was able to convey good news to her followers.

expect children

Berry revealed on Instagram that she is pregnant and expecting another daughter with her husband. The couple are already parents to four-year-old girl Carmella Stanley. writes among others People.

She shared the good news in a video where her daughter opened a gift box containing an ultrasound image of her future sister.

– It’s in my stomach! The artist explains to the daughter as the baby kisses her mother’s belly.

“Rosé sent Carmella a little sister, and we are so excited. We’ve all had these feelings, but we mostly try to enjoy it every day,” she wrote in the video.

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– Support each other

As mentioned, Perry and her husband went through their worst nightmare in 2020, losing their stillborn daughter. They named her Rosie.

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Two weeks after the tragedy The artist broke the silence of his followers, and opened up on difficult times.

“Hi friends. I couldn’t think of one thing more appropriate to share after my previous post than a picture of Carmella and her little pug, Chocolate Chip. She brought some joy back to our house,” she initially wrote on Instagram.

Expecting children: Linn Wøyen Lenes and Øystein Solberg found each other in “Ex on the Beach”. Now they will be parents. Reporter/Clip: Selena Morkin. Video: Luna Leah.
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On top of that, Berry said the days following the tragic loss of the baby were long and merging in a way.

“We don’t feel better, but we think we’ll come back someday. Paul and Carmella give each other love and support in every day grief,” she added, adding that she and her husband tried to find a foothold and overcome grief together.

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