Christine Danke reveals her new project

Christine Danke reveals her new project

Music expert, presenter and producer Christine Danke (40) has built a strong career over her many years in the entertainment industry. The 40-year-old owns and runs the production company Vrang Produksjon, where she also has her own podcast 'Christine Dancke'.

- Challenging daily solitaire game

– Challenging daily solitaire game

On the podcast, she invites many of the country's most popular artists for an honest conversation about the music industry and its joys and challenges.

In February two years ago, Kristen and her partner Simon Bergseth were able to share the happy news that they had daughter Velje. So it's no secret that this 40-year-old probably has a busy daily life, and she seems to be juggling it quite well.

Now that summer is fast approaching, and most people are probably craving a well-deserved break, it seems that Kristen is going against the grain and throwing herself into another project.

She shares it on Instagram.

That's why she protects her daughter

That's why she protects her daughter

“Will #theaskjole be featuring the hottest photos on this account? This will be released specially for those of you who follow Strikkeklubben (my streaming channel) in just over a week, so make sure you're there so you can also post beautiful photos on IG,” it reads comment.

At the time of writing, the post had more than 50 comments, many praising the attractive dress and the woman wearing it.

“Very unbelievably cute,” wrote presenter Triana Iglesias (42), while the artist’s manager Silje Borgan (39) added jokingly:

“If you go further into the water, you'll get a good picture, as they say at VG.”

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This is what you say about the age difference

This is what you say about the age difference

Dancke Se og Hør told that her interest in knitting has accompanied her since her childhood, and to date, her knitting channel called “Strikkeklubben” has more than 1,500 followers.

Followers get an insight into what happens behind the scenes when it comes to recipes and other knitting-related things.

Founder: Christine Danke has a remarkably long resume.  Now she can also add another point.  Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour

Founder: Christine Danke has a remarkably long resume. Now she can also add another point. Photo: Andreas Vadum/Si og Hour
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– My mother taught me a lot, and my passion for making my own patterns also developed when I couldn't find knitting patterns that fit my style and body. It started many years ago, and a lot has happened since then, but I hope my love of spinning and knitting will inspire more people to enjoy it – and to see the possibilities in your existing yarn and in reusing yarn. For example, I like to knit around the necks of my sweaters for summer and winter, Christine tells Se og Hør.

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– How on earth do you find time for everything?

– I don't have time for everything, but I'm very lucky because I have the opportunity to do the things I love and then you find time easier, the presenter answers.

The new project that will now be shining on Instagram is a dress she designed herself, which comes from a recipe she made herself.

Recognized: - Set the record straight

Recognized: – Set the record straight

– “Thea” is a dress that comes from the desire to make a dress that I feel comfortable in. I love that the cut from armpit to neck extends inward a little and I think it's so great with clothes that fit neatly. Christine explains the back, adding:

– After seven attempts to sew the dress, it finally turned out the way I wanted!

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