Christmas potatoes will sink here

Christmas potatoes will sink here

First, one of the hottest and driest Junes, with dust blowing across half of the country.

So it rained buckets and buckets before Extreme Weather “Hans” came live.

Floods create swamps in large swathes of the country’s lush farmland. Potatoes sink and rot long before harvest.

Now many people’s favorite almond potatoes are running out of supply Large selection of Christmas dishes At the dining table.

“Unfortunately, heavy rains have caused the Christmas favorite almond potatoes,” says Devi Ahuja, potato product manager at major wholesaler BAMA.

So will stores run out of almond potatoes now in peak season?

Almond Potato: Named for the shape. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones.
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– When looking at how far Norwegian potatoes go we usually consider imports. Now we already have to look at the almond potato from the outside. BAMA to Dagbladet’s communications director Bia Gulbrandsson says that Finland is the most suitable country for imports.

After last year’s season, BAMA and partner Gartnerhallen recorded 83.7 percent self-distribution of Norwegian potatoes for dinner, French fries and chips.

After extreme weather and “sinking” this year, the latest count shows a 26.5 percent drop in stocks of normal Norwegian potatoes. Almond potatoes are 28 percent less in stock than last year.

– minus 70 percent

On farmer Harald Sve Bjørndal Sve Gard (and the mayor of Vågå municipality in Gudbrandsdalen) produces 2,000 tons of almond potatoes per year on its 750 acres.

As the almond potato likes, it is dry enough, high enough and with a large component of sandy soil. But this summer is very humid in Wagga.

– There has been more rot and more crop damage than normal, yes. Dagbladet, a potato farmer and mayor, says only 30 percent of a normal crop makes it to the dinner table.

Sven Ole Knesset is a grain and potato farmer, further down in the lowlands – in the municipality of Marker in Østfold, on the border with Sweden.

His pimpernel potatoes have done well. It’s worst in almond potatoes.

Expels rot

– Look here. It’s like squeezing a tube of mayonnaise. Rot comes from potatoes, he proves in another conditional report Smaalenenes Avis In early October.

Fellow farmer Lars Erik Nymon in Åsnes, Hedmark, did not have a particularly encouraging situation report a week ago.

– It is saturated with water even in light sandy soil. Many potatoes simply disappeared in the flood. Small, white spots begin to appear on the rest. It was a sign that they were about to drown, he explained to the press Glåmdalen.

70 percent below: Even in dry Wagga with potato farmer and mayor Harald Sve Bjorndal, the humidity was high in summer and autumn.  Photo: Lars Eivind Bones.

70 percent below: Even in dry Wagga with potato farmer and mayor Harald Sve Bjorndal, the humidity was high in summer and autumn. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones.
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In the drought year 2018 alone, there were more applications from farmers for crop damage compensation than this season in the previous decade.

Here is an overview of Directorate of Agriculture In crops and districts affected by extreme weather conditions of the season.

Eastern Norway and southern Norway appear to be the hardest hit areas, but so are Drams and Finnmark.

Cereals and mushrooms

Grains seem to be the biggest loser sector. Importing food grains especially for baking will be a huge task throughout the winter.

But large amounts of grain grown for animal feed have also been destroyed.

Cause: In wet weather, many grains are attacked Fusarium fungus, It creates toxicity Mycotoxins.

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