Chrome gives an AI injection: many tasks should now be easier

Chrome gives an AI injection: many tasks should now be easier

The age of AI is upon us, and technology players are now working hard to build new AI functionality into their products. There's now a major AI upgrade for the world's most popular browser.

On her official blog Google is announcing that Chrome is getting a bunch of new generative AI functions that should make browsing easier and more efficient — especially if you're the type who tends to open a lot of tabs.

Automatic creation of tab groups

One of the new functions is to make the process of organizing tabs much easier.

Tab Organization is the name of the tool that allows Chrome to automatically suggest and create groups of tabs, based on the tabs the user has already opened.

Google believes that this function will be of great help if you are working on many tasks at the same time. The tool will be available in the drop-down menu at the top left of Chrome, next to Tabs.

The browser will also suggest names and emojis for new groups, so they're easy to find when you need them.

In addition to the new tab widget, there's also a new generative AI function that allows you to customize and customize the theme in the browser in new ways. This tool is based on the new personalization function based on artificial intelligence Which was launched on Android 14 in October last year.

In Chrome, one can now use this feature to let AI quickly create custom themes based on theme, mood, visual style, and colors.

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Google has included a set of generative AI features As examples of inspiration, the Chrome team created them themselves.

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Writing texts based on artificial intelligence

The third new AI-based function that will be integrated into Chrome is aimed at those who use Internet browsing to write various types of online texts, such as restaurant reviews, inquiries regarding rental apartments, and the like.

With the new functionality, you can now simply right-click on the box or field where you want to type text and select the Help me type option from the menu. By entering a few words about the topic of the text, the AI ​​will take over and complete the text.

The new features will be rolling out to the latest version of Chrome over the next few days, but the US will be the first to see the changes. It is not known exactly when everything will be ready for all Chrome users.

The new functionality can be seen as Google's response to several AI upgrades that Microsoft has incorporated into its products recently, not least in its Edge browser. Incidentally, Google has already taken on Microsoft and Open AI with its new talking bot Gemini, which the company claims outperforms Chat GPT in several areas.

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