Chronicle: There are very few seats for seniors in public places.

Chronicle: There are very few seats for seniors in public places.

One day I was at the grocery store helping my mom with her shopping, but this common chore that we all have to do every week – made me feel angry.

My mother is getting old and has bad bones.

But that doesn't mean she can't do these everyday tasks; she just needs to be able to sit down every now and then to catch her breath.

To my surprise, there was not a chair or bench in sight.

She eventually had to cancel her shopping trip and go back to the car to sit down.

The whole experience would have been more enjoyable if only there had been a seat available.

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There are very few seats available in the public rooms, and something needs to be done about it!

Enough is enough.

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We are not getting any younger in this society; in fact, it is expected that there will be many more of us.

According to the report, in a few years, the number of people aged 80 in Norway will double what it is today. Synthetic.

It may be necessary to access a place to sit.

We keep hearing about the coming wave of seniors and the need for society to prepare.

It is therefore important that as many as possible are able to continue to carry out our daily tasks without relying on assistance.

Perhaps one of the small, but nevertheless important, details is precisely the availability of sufficient seats.

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It costs very little, but it can mean a lot to a lot of people. While there are often benches in public parks, there should also be more on the streets, in outdoor shops, and more benches in general.

This applies not only to the elderly, but also to anyone who, for various reasons, needs to sit down for a moment or two.

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It should go without saying.

I am writing this comment on behalf of my mother, and on behalf of everyone who finds the simple task of going to the store now a struggle.

It is important for everyone's respect and self-esteem that we master daily tasks for as long as possible. Knowing in advance that there is a seat or chair available at your destination can make your day much easier.

It shouldn't be something you have to ask for; it should go without saying.

Ensuring adequate access to seating for everyone, regardless of age or physical ability, helps promote inclusion and independence, especially for a growing proportion of the population that is ageing.

It is simply a relatively easy procedure that can make a huge difference in the daily lives of many people.

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