Church leader catches MC in front of thief’s nose – VG

Church leader catches MC in front of thief's nose - VG
Action: Elizabeth Lund, Nidelven Parish General Manager stopped the thief.

– I’m not afraid, says the church leader after MC confronts the thief through the kitchen window.

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It is not known what the motorcycle thief was thinking when he parked his stolen goods outside the door of the Hogen Church in Nordø, Trondheim.

Apparently he doesn’t know that there is a powerful woman in this congregation…

Elisabeth Lund, the general manager of the Nidelven congregation, came to work at the Hoeggen church on Thursday at 9 a.m. when she saw a motorcycle parked at the entrance in a strange way.

– What did you think when you saw the bike?

– “What kind of parking is this, why is it here?”, I thought, Elizabeth says.

Front/Back: Seeing the motorcycle parked outside, Elizabeth rolls it inside and locks the door.

She checked the registration number and got hold of the owner, who could say the bike had been stolen during the night from a house in Trondheim city center, about four kilometers away.

– He says he is at work in Stjørdal and is coming to collect it immediately. He is very happy to have the bike back, he says.

They agreed to report the theft to the police. She thought it best to protect the bicycle, so she drove it into the armory at the entrance to the church.

Then she discovered that the ignition lock had been removed from the rugged KTM 690 Duke bike.

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Then she did not make the door high and the gate wide.

She locked the door.

– You are not the owner

After 10-15 minutes, there was a knock on the kitchen window in the church.

A fellow who gave the correct name saying he was the owner of the motorcycle.

– but I think “you probably don’t own this bike”. Because the person I spoke to on the phone says he’s in Stjørdal and couldn’t have come so soon.

She also Googled a picture of the owner, and she says the man standing outside the open kitchen window was definitely not the same man.

– She says that the person whose bike was stolen is a real estate agent and the person knocking on the road doesn’t seem to be an agent.

Then he went mad

There they stood looking at each other through the open window.

– I tell him directly, “You are not the owner of that motorcycle,” says Elizabeth.

Then he got angry and said he was going to call the police. She then replied, “He had to because he did it too.”

Then ran away.

– Were you afraid of the situation?

– No, absolutely not. I told others about what happened in the church and she says not to open the door without telling anyone.

– There is a lot going on in the church

When the police arrived, he gave a description of how the person looked The MC was shown a picture of someone they thought might be the thief. She recognized him immediately.

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– Why do you think he parked the bike there?

– Maybe he thought things only happened in church on Sundays, she laughs.

– But that’s wrong, because there’s a lot going on here all week, and there’s always people here.

– Is this the most exciting thing that happened in the church?

– At least this is the first time I solved a theft, says Elizabeth.

The police have confirmed that a complaint has been lodged in this regard.

– The message service of the Trentelag police district says in an SMS that the report came on Thursday and will be followed up.

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