“Cinderella” is on the top ten list – VG

"Cinderella" is on the top ten list - VG
Main role: Astris Smeplass as Cinderella.

“Three Nuts for Cinderella” has earned a place in the list of the ten most-watched Norwegian films in Norway in the modern era.


This was stated by Kulturmeglerne in a press release on Monday.

See the top 20 list below in the article.

According to the press release, the number of cinemas has decreased significantly since the increase in infection as of mid-November, and the introduction of new procedures for Corona. But the movie “Cinderella” is sailing in the wind.

Since its premiere on November 12, the number of visitors has exceeded 500,000, and therefore the film has become one of the top ten in modern times, that is, in the measured period – from 2003.

In all misery, it is a pleasure to see that when audiences go to the cinema, they prioritize participation “Three beads for Cinderella”And Producer Frederick Howard says at Storm Films.

The movie couple: Astrid Semplas and Jenges Al in “Cinderella”.

Howard says he would, of course, like to see how far the film could go under normal circumstances.

– Expectations were up to a million, but this is a victory for us who made the film, the producer believes and adds:

– The dream now is to beat “James Bond”, so now we hope that everyone who has not seen the movie will go to the cinema. Across the country, movie theaters open over Christmas, infection control is top notch.

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In November it became known that TV 2 bought the rights To «Three nuts for Cinderella», with Astrid Semiplus (25) and Genghis Al (24) in leadership roles. The film will be shown to television viewers next Christmas.

“Max Manus” from 2008 is still at the top of the list.

Top 20 List of Modern Era:

1. Max Manus, 2008

2. Solan and Ludvig – Christmas in Flåklypa, 2013

3. Kon-Tiki, 2012

The Wave, 2015

5. Kongens nei, 2016

6. The Twelfth Man, 2017

7. Skjelvet, 2018

8. The Headhunters, 2011

9. Carpenter Andersen and Santa Claus, 2016

10. Three Nuts for Cinderella, 2021

11. A Journey to Poinsettia, 2012

12. Burning 2, 2016

13. Animals at Hakkebakkeskogen, 2016

14. Solan and Ludvig – From here to Flåklypa, 2015

15. Moonlight in Flåklypa, 2018

16. Knerten Get Married, 2010

17. Carpenter Andersen and Santa Claus: The Little Village That Forgot It Was Christmas 2019

18. Olsenbanden Jr.. in rocker’n, 2004

19. Burning, 2014

20. Dr. Proktors prompepulver, 2014

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