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The mayor of Kiev had imposed a curfew in the city from this afternoon until Monday morning.

The curfew has been extended from 17.00 to 8.00 to improve the city’s defense.

– All civilians who are on the streets during the curfew will be considered members of hostile sabotage and reconnaissance groups, wrote Mayor Vitali Klitschko.

Those who break the curfew will be considered enemies. Until now, the curfew was in effect only in the evening and at night.

He gives orders to attack from all sides

Russia said the Russian military was ordered to expand its offensive in Ukraine “from all sides” after Kiev refused to hold talks in Belarus.

According to Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov, Putin ordered Russian forces to halt advances in Ukraine earlier on Friday.

The offensive was suspended pending possible negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, this was stated in a message from the RIA news agency.

Peskov accused Ukraine of prolonging the conflict by refusing to meet for talks. Russia has called for talks in Minsk, while Ukraine will meet in Warsaw.

Ukraine denies its refusal to negotiate with Russia.

Britain says the Russian offensive has been delayed due to logistical challenges and fuel shortages and because the Russians have met more resistance than they expected from Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine: Russia is making impossible demands

An adviser to the President of Ukraine said that they are ready to discuss a ceasefire, but Russia has facilitated impossible conditions for negotiations.

We support negotiations on a ceasefire, but not an ultimatum.

The chancellor denied Russian allegations that the Ukrainians refused to negotiate.

Russian forces advance against Kiev, but Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky says Kiev remains intact

The Ukrainian president said in a video clip broadcast on Saturday that his forces had halted the Kremlin’s advance to seize and oust Kiev. He also called on the Russian people to put pressure on President Vladimir Putin to stop the invasion.

“We thwarted their plans,” Zelensky said. He added that Ukrainian forces had taken control of Kiev and the main cities around it.

25,000 automatic weapons distributed in Kiev

25,000 automatic weapons were distributed to the people of Kiev to ward off Russian attacks. According to Interior Minister Denis Monastirsky.

Monastyrskyj also announced that anti-tank weapons had been distributed in a video message on Saturday.

“Kiev will defend itself,” said Monastirsky.

He said he was proud to see people defend their cities, towns, streets and homes.

People organize themselves. He says there is no looting or theft

In the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, the authorities are now asking citizens to arm themselves and contribute to the city’s defense.

Those who do not have weapons are asked to make Molotov cocktails. The plane’s alarm went off several times today.

NRK meets someone who belongs to the local civil protection.

– We’re patrolling the city. We have police here, but not much. So we want to support the army. The police and military help civilians every day, and now we want to help them by patrolling the city on foot and by bike, Sergej told NRK.

Zelensky: Turkey wants to close the Black Sea to Russian ships

Zelensky wrote on Twitter that Turkey would prevent Russian warships from entering the Black Sea.

According to Zelensky, Erdogan promised to block Russian ships from the Bosphorus and the Dardanelles. These straits connect the Mediterranean with the Black Sea.

I thank my friend President Erdogan and the Turkish people for their strong support, writes Zelensky.

A spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan denied making such a promise.

“Turkey has not yet taken a decision to close the Russian shipping strait,” the Middle East spokesman said.

The Russian authorities say through the Interfax news agency that they have not received information about this from Turkey.

According to the Montreux Convention, ships from the Black Sea countries could return to the base in wartime. Thus, such a move by Turkey would violate the agreements, because Russia has naval bases in the Black Sea, the Guardian wrote.

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