Claimed to kidnap the head of a Chinese

Claimed to kidnap the head of a Chinese

in document BBC There are very serious allegations about the circumstances in which Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich claimed in 1995 that they were given access to the oil company Sibneft.

The Russian bought the company for $250 million, and later sold it to the Russian government for a staggering $13 billion – the equivalent of more than 100 billion Norwegian kroner.

The document – which the BBC considers reliable – states that when Sibneft was auctioned off, a Chinese company was willing to bid twice what Abramovich and his partner later bought for it.

The Chinese purchase will have serious consequences for many powerful people, including in the Russian parliament.

Therefore, a member of the Chinese delegation was said to have been kidnapped when the person arrived in Moscow for the auction in question, the channel wrote.

China’s CNPC, a very strong competitor, was forced to withdraw from the auction after one of its representatives was kidnapped on arrival at Moscow airport and released only after the company announced that it was no longer related to the Sibneft purchase. “

The BBC says it has independent sources – who were not aware of the document – to confirm the allegations.

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Abramovich’s lawyers told the BBC that the allegations of kidnapping were completely unfounded and that they were not aware of such an incident.

The owner of Chelsea FC recently got into a real storm after the British authorities “froze his money”, which made it impossible for him to sell the London club.

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The sanctions against him and many of the Russian oligarchs are the result of their relationship with President Vladimir Putin and his regime, which is currently invading Ukraine.

The authorities later gave Abramovich the green light to sell Chelsea.

On Friday evening, there were reports that the Saudi media group had made an offer to the club. This has not yet been confirmed by the votes.

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