Claims Special Forces From NATO Countries Inside Ukraine – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

Claims Special Forces From NATO Countries Inside Ukraine – NRK Urix – Foreign News & Documentaries

BBC And Watchman He writes that approximately 100 special forces from NATO countries will be in Ukraine.

According to the leak, Britain is the country that will have the largest number of special forces with fifty soldiers. It will be in Latvia 17, France 15, USA 14 and Holland 1.

The British should have the largest number of special forces in Ukraine, according to Pentagon documents. The photo shows one during an exercise in Basra, Iraq, on December 22, 2004.

Photo: Nabil al-Jourani/AP

Training confirms

The information is dated March 23. It was not clear from the document what kind of role the special forces played or had. Nor where exactly are they in Ukraine.

The British authorities did not comment directly on the allegations of the Special Forces. the He says there is a “significant degree of inaccuracy” in the leaked document.

Readers should be careful to believe claims that could spread misinformation, the Department of Defense wrote.

The British Embassy in Kiev confirms the presence of British soldiers in Ukraine who are training Ukrainian forces.

“Bleeding” for difficult operations

Lieutenant Colonel Palle Ydstebø is the Chief of the Land Force Section at the Norwegian Military Academy. He told NRK that special forces are elite forces of the highest level.

– Idistepo says that private soldiers are “bloodsucked” for missions that require a combination of extreme efficiency and discretion.

Palle Ydstebo

Lieutenant Colonel Bali Yedstepo

Photo: Terje Pedersen/NTB

The BBC writes that it is common for special forces to operate in small, highly effective units.

The BBC states that Moscow has claimed in recent weeks that Russian forces are not only fighting Ukrainians, but also against NATO inside Ukraine.

Given Moscow as a backdrop, they write, it is likely that the Russian authorities will attempt to exploit the leak.

Yedstepo is not sure Russia will do that.

It depends on how Russia chooses to display the information the leaked documents show. They can make a case out of it, or they can choose to just ignore it.

The Reuters news agency referred to the Russian authorities, who say they “learned that military trainers from NATO countries are carrying out a mission in Ukraine.”

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– It is very common for major powers that have interests in a conflict, without being directly involved, to have various observers to keep themselves directly informed.

Ydstebø states that, of course, this happens according to the Ukrainian authorities.

British Special Forces

There will be 50 British special forces in Ukraine. The photo shows British special forces on an exercise in Basra, Iraq, on December 22, 2004.

Photo: Nabil al-Jourani/AP

The head of the Land Force Department at the War College believes it makes sense to have British soldiers in Ukraine to train Ukrainian forces, the British Embassy in Kyiv said.

– The fact that special forces are used to train Ukrainian soldiers is quite a normal task for this kind of soldiers, especially in a war zone as we see here.

The Pentagon is investigating

Chris Meagher of the US Department of Defense says that the numerous leaks in recent days pose a serious threat to US national security.

Leaks can contribute to the spread of misinformation, the news agencies Reuters and Agence France-Presse wrote.

    Lloyd Austin

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin launched an investigation into the leaks.


Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin informed allied governments of the leaks.

Both the Pentagon and the US Department of Justice have launched an investigation into the document leaks. The committee must assess the extent of the damage.

According to the Secretary of Defense, he is in the process of getting an overview of who has access to the type of documents that have been leaked.

A spokesman for the US National Security Council, John Kirby, said they feared there could be more leaks.

– We do not know who is behind this and we do not know what is the motive.

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