May 28, 2023


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Claims that Apple battery prices are not real

Claims that Apple battery prices are not real

It costs about twice that at certified workshops.

Many companies and individuals focus on sustainability, and want to replace or repair parts of their electronic devices, rather than the entire device.

This also applies to Tek readers.

But if you’re going to repair or replace the battery on your MacBook, it’s not a good idea to know how much it will cost. employment Apple’s website They write that it costs 2,150 kroner, but according to many Tek readers, it may seem that this is only a theoretical price, and in fact the price is close to double.

One of our readers contacted Eplehuset customer service to hear about the cost of repairing the battery for a Macbook 15 “. The answer he got was that the price was twice the price he found on Apple; 4199 kroner instead of 2150, as Apple wrote on its website.

But not only that, Eplehuset’s customer service couldn’t even explain why Apple worked at that price.

“I’m not quite sure why Apple’s price is quite different from this one, but it’s the above price that should relate to us,” says “Jakob” of Eplehuset customer service.

The email explains that even though Eplehuset is an Apple certified workshop, that doesn’t mean it works at the same prices that Apple indicates on its website.

Apparently no one does.

Eplehuset’s director of finance and human resources, Hallvard McGhie Opheim, also clarifies this when making a call, but at the same time notes that Apple does not have a store or workshop in Norway.

– Prices vary in workshops in all industries. There are many factors that play a role, including location and accessibility. We can’t comment on Apple, but the website (Apple price list, editor’s note) shows prices for Apple, which is known to not have its own business in Norway in the form of shops or workshops.

In other words, Apple’s website price may seem purely theoretical and not actually hold up.

This was reported to Apple, and we made several attempts to get feedback on the pricing shown on its website. We will update the status with a possible answer.

– If it is true that Norwegian consumers cannot achieve this price, we believe that Apple should make changes on its part to avoid misleading consumers about the cost of services, says Thomas Iversen, consumer attorney at the Consumer Council, to

Consumers should be aware that Eplehuset is only an official retailer of Apple products and is not part of the Apple Group or Apple Store. Battery replacement purchased from Eplehuset may be covered by this wording on the Apple page: Prices and terms may vary from different service providers. All prices are in Norwegian Krone (NOK) and include shipping and VAT.

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