Claims that the gold teeth were stolen from the dentist

Claims that the gold teeth were stolen from the dentist

The reactions after the Ukrainian Defense Ministry posted on Twitter a photo of what was found after the Russians were expelled from a village in the Kharkiv region was almost shocking.

“A mini-Auschwitz” wrote the foreign authorities on their Twitter account.

Photos spread widely and many media outlets discussed this discovery, among other things TV 2 in this article.

The gold tooth was found with a gas mask and other equipment known to be used in torture.

Now the German newspaper has picture Talk to a local dentist who has raised doubts about the background behind the set of teeth.

He claims that the teeth were stolen

– These are similar to the teeth I had in my locker at home. My house was looted, 60-year-old Sergey tells the newspaper.

He is the only dentist on the site and states that he is the one who has extracted these teeth over the course of several years. He suspects that the Russians thought the teeth were real gold, but explained that they were in fact gold-plated stainless steel.

It is also believed that the Russians used their teeth to intimidate the citizens they wanted to interrogate.

Bild visited the dentist who still lives in the village of Pisky-Radkivski.

Gas mask: This mask is said to have been used when people were buried alive Photo: Serhii Bolvinov/Twitter

Interviewing a torture victim

The newspaper did not find more information about the gas mask, which was also filmed in the same place, but spoke to people who were immediately tortured. They also spoke to neighbors who spoke of screaming and asking for help from various buildings.

– They took me with them. They beat me and said they would shoot my leg if I didn’t cooperate. The ceiling of the room was riddled with bullet holes, I think they wanted to frighten, 46-year-old Volodya told Bild.

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