June 8, 2023


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Claims there may be a shortage of iPhone this fall

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Difficulty connecting the screen to the largest models.

The rumor mill about Apple never stops. There are now reports of slow iPhone deliveries that will be significant this fall, and several new Macbook models are on the way.

For iPhone part reports phone circuit Turn the display panels up to a month later than expected, and then onto the virtually large Max models of the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

At the moment, this is not expected to mean a delay in the launch, but it could mean that the phones will be more difficult to obtain at the beginning of sales than it usually is. There is usually a time delay in delivery right after the launch of new iPhones, but if the rumors are true, the waiting lists could be longer than usual.

to me Bloomberg Apple is preparing to launch two new sizes of the new MacBook Air. The series was relaunched this week during WWDC in California, with a new design and heavily overhauled hardware.

Today, only the 13.6-inch version of the device is sold with the new and very powerful M2 processor. But there will be 12-inch and 15-inch screen machines on the way over the next year.

Apple once had a 12-inch laptop called the “MacBook”. It was dropped in 2019.

For the Air series, it will be the first time Apple has had computers in 15-inch versions, while MacBook Pro computers have typically been the “slightly larger” business units in the Apple family.

It will become clear what this means for weight and portability, which is so important for a machine with the Air in its name.

Rumor has it that the MacBook Pro will be updated with the new M2 chipset by the end of the year.

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