Climate targets are sustainable – VG

Climate targets are sustainable - VG
Climate nutrition: SBS Mauritius Ernstad asked if Norway could achieve its climate goals by 2030 without changing conditions or postponing them. We can do it, Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store responds. Here are two in Sorting.

Center Party’s Maurit Ernstad gets a clear answer from the Prime Minister: Norway will need a lot to achieve its climate goals by 2030, but we can do it.


The store government has said Count the climate emissions Careful as Kroner and øre in the state budget.

But on Monday, the center-right powerful parliamentary speaker, Maurice Ernstad, released one. Climate surprise From Sp’s National Board Meeting: He asks if Norway can achieve its climate goals by 2030.

– Ernst Stat said in his speech that we need to ask ourselves whether we need to change the criteria for Norway’s climate goals or postpone them for a few years.

He said the electrification of the closet would be particularly challenging.

– I think we have a very vague and dishonest discussion about the electrification of the Norwegian closet, and I think most parties have finally realized that we will never electrify all the bases off the ground, Ernstad told Viji after the speech.

Not from me: Prime Minister Jonas Kar Store emphasizes that climate goals have been set for the Labor Party. In Brussels on 23 February.

Store: Climate goals are consistent

But he gets a clear government partner Labor. The Prime Minister Jonas Kahr Store of National Board meeting will begin at 12.00 noon on Tuesday.

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But before the meeting, he responded to Ernstadt’s challenge:

– According to the Labor Party, climate goals have been set, and so has the hurdle base. “We will continue to look for better political solutions to achieve them through cooperation with Europe and domestic efforts,” said Prime Minister Jonas Gardner.

– We will reduce emissions throughout the economy, including the oil and gas industry. At the same time, Arnstad pointed out that sea air has a great potential to supply power to bases and transfer electricity to land. We need a climate policy that reduces emissions so as not to be unjustly affected socially and geographically, he continues.

Ernstad calls the discussion of wardrobe electrification “very black and white and not very varnished.”

– The Central Party is free to discuss the political issues they want at their National Board meeting. Climate debate is important, and it is natural for all parties to have a debate about solutions, the store says and continues:

– Achieving goals will require a lot of us, but we can do it. It is not enough to do less than what is being published today. We must also have an active business policy that provides the more and more innovative solutions we need at home and in the world around us.

In a free case: The Central Committee’s National Board meeting was opened on Monday by the Speaker of the House of Commons Marit Arnstadt and the party’s leader and finance minister, Drigway Sloxvolt. Sp’s latest listing Vårt Land’s party barometer for March is 6.6 percent.

Promises tough cuts

The Labor Party and the Center Party have dedicated themselves to the hurdle to reduce Norway’s emissions by 55 percent by 2030, compared to 1990 emissions.

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Ernstad said we can not achieve goals without changing practice.

– On the Hurdle platform, we say that it should be done by seawater and electrification with renewable energy in the cupboard. What this means is that we must be prepared to discuss whether the 2030 goals can be achieved by 2030 or whether we need to think differently, Ernstad said.

He initiated two possible solutions:

– Then there are two elements you can think of, one is forest and the other is allocation, he said.

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