Cobus, Sinsam | Two new stores for Værstetorvet: – I know we have good opportunities

Cobus, Sinsam | Two new stores for Værstetorvet: – I know we have good opportunities

This is what the center's director, Annette Hovind Johansen, tells Facebook.

– We are very much looking forward to having both Cubus and Synsam at Værstetorvet, and it continues.


Hovind Johansen explains that Cubus was actually the first store they signed an agreement with.

“They're building an incredibly beautiful store, and the Cobus store in Norway has to have the best view,” she says.

Cubus's CEO, Tommy Host Sandvold, also makes no secret of the fact that they are looking forward to the opening.

He says: “We missed being part of downtown Fredrikstad.

It had to be closed.

The chain already has a store in Østfoldhallene, and was previously also found in Torvbyen.

However, they had to close there almost on the day that half of Torvbyen was closed due to damage to the settlement. Later, the part where the clothing store was located was also demolished.

Although they are now open in Værstetorvet, the country manager stresses that this in no way means the door is closed for the store in Østfoldhallene.

He says: – I know we have a good chance of running both stores very well.

big store

She will be the only optician to be found in Værstetorvet, says Ingrid Holm, managing director of Synsam.

– As the only optician at the centre, opening Synsam and establishing it in Værstetorvet will make it easier for the public who want to take care of good eye health and are interested in a wide range of goods and products, she told Facebook.

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With three vision testing rooms and several thousand eyeglass frames, Holm explains that it will be a relatively large store for Synsam. There will also be no changes to the existing stores nearby.

Our stores Synsam Fredrikstad, in the city centre, and Synsam Østfoldhallen continue to operate well, and the stores will continue to operate side by side.

Will rent more

Høst Sandvold at Cubus also says that a store manager has already been appointed, and that after the summer they will start the process of recruiting sales representatives.

– The store manager will be hiring salespeople after the summer. He says, “I think we need five or six people with different job ratios.”

These shops and restaurants will enter Værstetorvet.


  • Amundsen Special (Food Products)

  • Anton Sport (Sports Store)

  • Pharmacy 1 (Pharmacy)

  • Bjorklund (Jewelry & Watches)

  • Clas Olson (Home & Garden Items)

  • Coop Ob hypermarket (including groceries, textiles and household goods)

  • Cobus (clothing)

  • Eurosco (shoe store)

  • Feel (internal)

  • Floyd (Women's Clothing)

  • Frederic and Louise (perfumes)

  • Freequent (Women's Clothing)

  • Gant (women's, men's and children's clothing)

  • Garnpikene (yarn and knitting accessories)

  • Heist (clothes)

  • Gernia (kitchen tools etc.)

  • Child (textiles and interior decoration)

  • Kitchen (kitchen equipment)

  • Krug Optic (Optician)

  • Lycia (toy store)

  • Levi's (women's, men's and kids' clothing)

  • Life (healthy food)

  • Lindex (women's and children's clothing)

  • Mr. Green (Flowers)

  • Musty (Pet Shop)

  • Beginner (Children's Clothing)

  • Nikita (hairdresser)

  • Nile (internal and other)

  • Norli (library)

  • Normal (cosmetics etc.)

  • Næss since 1955 (Bags & Clothing)

  • Outland (Games & Comics)

  • power (Electronics, opens in Værste Nord)

  • Gift (kitchen utensils, crockery, etc.)

  • Reno Hansen (women's and men's clothing and accessories)

  • Rituals (skin and body care)

  • Sinsam (Optician)

  • Telenor (Mobile Phones & Accessories)

  • Trio for kids (children's clothing)

  • wine monopoly (drinks)
  • Vita (skin care and cosmetics)

  • Volt (Men's Clothing)

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Food is worse

Other Service Locations

In addition, the Blankenship Medical Center will be relocated to the center.

In total, there will be 70-80 stores in the centre divided between Værste South and North, as well as health and wellness players.

All the stores on the list above will be coming to Værste Syd, except for Power, which is the only known store to be built in Værste Nord, where construction will start soon.

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