Colbrelli collapsed after finishing

Colbrelli collapsed after finishing

And the rider’s team, “Bahrain Victorious”, confirmed, on Monday evening, in a press statement that the Italian was unconscious.

His condition was stable when he was taken to hospital by ambulance. The team says it will now be examined further.

Velonews reported from A team spokesperson said the Italian was on his way to hospital earlier on Monday night:

– He is conscious and talking. It will be subject to further investigations. He’s talking and moving and that’s a good thing, Milan Erzan tells the site.

Ryder star: 31-year-old Sonny Colbrelli. Photo: Geert Vanden Weigengert

TV 2 commentator is afraid

Michael Matthews escaped with a victory in Saint-Filhot-de-Joixole, but dramatic scenes overshadowed the Australian’s victory.

The victorious Bahraini rider Sonny Colberelli collapsed just after the finish line, and the Italian was forced to receive immediate treatment from health workers on the spot. Colbrelli finished second on the opening stage.

TV 2 bike commentator Magnus Drivenes spoke about the great uncertainty about the situation:

– The first thing we see is that they film a person holding a sheet next to the ambulances, and we understand that something has happened. Then I feel freezing in my body. At the same time, it takes time before we know Sonny Colbrelli is the one receiving the treatment, Drevnis said immediately after finishing.

The Italian became the European road race champion in 2021, and finished third in the battle for green points during the Tour de France that same year.

– He’s a very well deserved rider and he’s going to be number two today. So he puts it in perspective that even the best can face health issues. Dreyfus noted that he also had to break out of Paris-Nice after the first stage, and then because of bronchitis.

11th place Haaland Johansson

The opening stage for Catalonia was around the first World Tour race for Uno-X, and at the same time marked the first time a Norwegian cycling team had competed at the highest level in cycling.

Team captain Tobias Haaland Johansen put himself ahead on the field when the race started, but the 22-year-old was a bit blocked and had to watch Michael Matthews and Sonny Colbrelli make up for the victory.

Australian Matthews chose to lie on the other side of the road and escaped with a stage victory in front of Colberelli. Halland Johannessen finished a solid eleventh.

– It was fun today. I missed a bit at the end, but we were there and had a chance, so it was fun, Haaland Johansson wraps up with TV 2 right after the end.

Several Norwegians have made a name for themselves in Spain: DSM rider Jonas Eversby Hvideberg spent large parts of the race smashing, collecting enough points to don the climbing jersey in the second stage.

– I’ve been feeling really good lately, so it was nice to show today, says satisfied Hvideberg.

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