Collapses: – Cruel

Collapses: - Cruel

Eugene (Dagbladet): Yulia Levchenko (24) had a special season. After the shock came out today, I was also asked about the situation at home in Ukraine, and for a few seconds the emotions took over completely.

She collapsed, tears running down as she tried to summon herself in front of Dagbladet’s camera.

– It is very difficult for me to talk about Ukraine. This is very painful. I try to keep my head up, but I can’t…sorry, she tells Dagbladet.

split, rip

Levchenko was one of the teams to win the World Cup medal in the women’s high jump, but the Ukrainian women came out brutally in the playoffs.

The 24-year-old, a World Cup silver medalist as of 2017, earned 1.90 on the third and final attempt, but never managed to slip over the 1.93 magic limit.

Thus, you should see the final from the sidelines.

– How does it feel to be here given what is happening at home?

– Like I’m two people. Somehow, I’m glad to be here, but at the same time I can’t make out what’s going on. Here the blue sky and the sun, while at home hell. I know they’re at home trying to live a normal life, and we’re trying to support them as much as possible, she says.

– how is our family?

– Large parts of my family are at home in Ukraine. It is impossible to take everyone with me, especially when I do not have a house myself (during the season). it is very difficult. You never know what tomorrow will bring. We’ll see, I hope I can do something about it.

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– How do you see the future?

Traveling around Europe is common to me during the season, but everyone wants to go home to Ukraine after the season. We know nothing of our future. We live today and plan for tomorrow.

Corona virus disease: Jacob Ingbrigtsen isn’t particularly enthusiastic about the focus of infection in World Cup City. Video: Lucas / Harstad

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Races against Russia

Russia was banned from the World Cup in Eugene due to the war in Ukraine. Many practitioners in the country were unhappy with this.

Levchenko is ruthless towards Russia and Russian practitioners:

Anything unnatural happens, but many athletes live as if it were normal, says the high jump.

She completes:

– I think the whole world will defeat Russia. They started the war and wanted to occupy our country. They are killing our people every day. It’s cruel, so it’s up to our country and the world to do something. Help us please.

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