November 29, 2022


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Collects millions of "Spider-Man" fans - VG

Collects millions of “Spider-Man” fans – VG

Movie: Actors Tom Holland and Zendaya can’t be stopped by the pandemic. “Spider-Man No Way Home” was a hit in cinemas, but its premiere in Norway was postponed.

In a short time, what appears to be Tom Holland’s (25) account on TikTok has amassed millions of fans.

‘Spider-Man’ actor Tom Holland has switched to a new platform and millions of fans have flocked to the account, wrote Dexter.

The 25-year-old is currently working on ‘Spider-Man No Way Home’, the latest film in the ‘Spider-Man’ series. The Norwegian premiere was initially postponed until January 14 – to despair Lots of “Spider-Man” fans.

It has not been confirmed whether this is the Netherlands’ TikTok account, but a few hours after it was created, it was verified by TikTok.

Abroad, the actor has achieved great success with his new film, and TikTok is full of content from the world of “Spider-Man” and actors in the main roles.

TikTok accounts «TomHollandMedia» It was created on December 30th. After that, fans flocked to the account, which at the time of writing has more than three million followers. This makes it one of the accounts on TikTok that has grown the fastest in terms of number of followers.

The first videos are closely related to the new movie “Spider-Man”, where one of the clips is from the red carpet:

The famous actor is already active on Instagram and Twitter, so this will be his third social media account.

Sony Pictures, behind “Spider-Man No Way Home,” has launched the biggest promotional campaign for any movie during the pandemic. Delivery time. The movie studio also ran several commercials on TikTok.

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The movie also goes down in history as the third best opening weekend ever for a Hollywood production, according to reports diverse. Thus it is also best for a movie released during the pandemic.