June 2, 2023


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College drops the famous benchmark bitcoin exchange rate

College drops the famous benchmark bitcoin exchange rate

Svein Ølnes, the head of this thread, says he has the impression that the bitcoin cycle won’t be set up until the fall because management thinks it’s becoming too popular. The University College of Western Norway rejects this.

CRYPTOP BREAK: No Bitcoin session planned for Høgskulen på Vestlandet this fall.
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Last summer, E24 wrote about it Bitcoin fever in Sogndal. At the time, Høgskulen på Vestlandet (HVL) offered a record 252 applicants a place to study on the digital course “Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology and the Digital Economy.”

However, for the fall semester, the course will not be on the student elective list.

When E24 contacts the university college, it was initially explained that subject director Svein Ølnes said he did not have the ability to hold the course this fall.

– this is not true. I have said clearly and unequivocally that I want to teach the Bitcoin Open Course, Olnes answers.

He usually works at Vestlandsforskning, where he has spent a lot of time in recent years researching cryptocurrencies. Since the HVL Bitcoin session in Sogndal was first held in 2018, he has been appointed to be in charge of the session.

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– Does not make sense

According to Olens, the department decided not to hold the course until the fall because it is so popular.

– That is, it distances students from other elective subjects and it is a problem in itself, he says.

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He himself finds it very difficult to understand why such a popular course has not been created again.

– It makes no sense to strangers.

Researcher Svein Ølnes wants a more visible investment in cryptocurrency from the University College of Western Norway.

Head of Department Ton Merritt Breke in the Department of Economics and Management at University College Western Norway rejects that the course has disappeared because it is considered too popular.

– The department has absolutely no interest in doing so, on the contrary, we would like to offer our students contemporary and attractive courses.

She explains that the course has a “year of rest” and says that many students in the target group for the bitcoin course have already completed this in fall 2019 or fall 2021.

– We have a good experience with the Bitcoin cycle and with Svein Ølnes, so here we have not in any way suspended our activity. Brick says the future is open in every way.

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Do not want the repayment rate

However, there could still be a crypto topic at HVL this fall.

It is called the “Digital Money of the Future” and will require a tuition fee of 14,000 kroner.

– We can certainly set up this course if the demand is there, says Brick.

Department Chair Tun Merritt Breke in the Department of Economics and Management at University College Western Norway.

– However, we do not provide it to the application until we know we have the ability to deliver. Here we have a close dialogue with Svein Ølnes who completed this years course in collaboration with the course coordinator at Sogndal.

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To teach a “closed” course, Olens gave initial notice that he didn’t want it, he tells E24.

The reason for this is that HVL does not want to go ahead and look into the possibilities of introducing more topics within the cryptocurrency, preferably an expert based on experience. Although I have everything good to say about HVL, I am missing the greater commitment to continue developing this field.

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No plans for cryptocurrency holders

Brick explains that the crypto master does not stand on the ladder.

Creating a master’s show is a great investment. It requires a highly qualified professional environment, where we have professors and associate professors in the subject area. In addition, there must be an estimated request for a study offer.

She says that developing a new, experience-based master’s program will likely be realistic to achieve as a student-funded offer, and that it will then be important for them to get a picture of how great the demand is.

The Digital Money of the Future cycle is the best opportunity for us to test the size of the market in this region.