Come home to Emma Chamberlain

Bli med hjem til Emma Chamberlain

The 21-year-old opens the doors of his home in Los Angeles.

There is no doubt that Emma Chamberlain is one of the biggest influencers today, with over 16 million followers on Instagram and just under 12 million subscribers on YouTube.

Chamberlain constantly gives us insight into his life, whether it’s in the form of a photo series on Instagram or a YouTube video. Always with a good dose of humor and quick lines.

Now she’s also taking us to her house.

Come home to Emma Chamberlain. All images via Architectural Digest

Interior Architectural Digest has already visited Emma Chamberlain.

Thus, the influencer is the latest addition to the well-known magazine series, where we learn about the luxury homes of celebrities.

I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life, says excited Emma Chamberlain as she opens the door of the house.

At first sight, you discover that the house of the 21-year-old is nothing but a simple and rigid house. The walls in nearly every room are decorated with colorful and personalized art – the usual feature being that her father is behind them.

I work from home, so I wanted to create something personal and comfortable, adds Chamberlain Architectural Digest.

– I’ve brought references from several decades and design eras, and tried to blend them together into something that not only feels cohesive, but is new. It wasn’t about following the rules or sticking to one’s aesthetics, she adds.

Emma’s father painted many paintings at home.

The influencer says she wants the materials in the 1955-built home to be a statement in and of itself.

“I like things that look like art, like a painting, in and of themselves,” says Chamberlain.

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The 21-year-old says she takes a lot of time to research and gather inspiration before decorating.

– I’m a mood board girl, and I searched every corner of the internet and every deep hole on Pinterest. I find home inspiration everywhere, just like fashion.

The Los Angeles home consists of five bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and even its own basketball court.

Emma Chamberlain of course also has a walk in closet full of Dr. Martens and colorful knit sweaters and designer bags. And on the wall hangs the ultra-popular Ultrafragola mirror.

– I live alone, so I had a few extra bedrooms to play with. The only thing it was a dream to do, Chamberlain says, was to have a room where I would get dressed and fix my makeup and hair.

– I already think it terrifying to admit that I have a whole room for this. But if I lived here when I grew up and had a baby, we’d get rid of all of that and have the baby here, she adds.

Walking in the closet has always been a dream for Emma.

Watch a video of Emma Chamberlain’s home here:

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