Comment: Did anyone care about Jonas’ ass?

Comment: Did anyone care about Jonas’ ass?

Attention: Justice Minister’s TikTok clip has become a talking point. Utter nonsense, writes VG’s commentator Selma Moran.

The Justice Minister can’t be filmed walking, and we’re not debating whether he’s “trying to show off.” There is obviously a reason for that.

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“For as long as I can remember Norway’s justice minister has been the ugliest, the most ass.”

That’s one of the comments Justice Minister Emilie Enger Mehl (SP) received from the UN summit in New York after recording TikTok. A tiny little, but completely non-dramatic movie clip.

mentioned as “Tacky, posturing and apolitical”.

WATCH THE VIDEO: Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl’s clip is getting a lot of attention

Maybe it’s because people think it’s weird for the Justice Minister to be using an app Storing banned (Mell’s own phone has TikTok, not the service phone). Last year they used the app.

But no. The big, common criticism is about things that are completely stupid. Like having the camera on her ass for too long, improvised A parodic version Created by Eivind Trædal of MDG.

Why on the front page of this and many other newspapers?

There was a separate discussion as to why The dress she wore last yearIt enlarged her body and Discussed on Facebook What color underwear should she wear?

Why do you only need her picture before leaving the comment fields?

Criticized: “When you appear in such a dress as a minister, you should expect attention,” Mehl wrote in Netavision last year when she appeared on the red carpet.

She is a young, beautiful woman, in a position of power, who loves to dress up and is engaging Reality television. It doesn’t get any worse than that.

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This is absolutely classic gender and age discrimination. People are already angry that he was given the job of justice minister, and when they talk about him not being competent, it’s often about things other than politics – whether it’s looks or age.

Yes, all politicians are tried and hanged for small things. Raymond Johansson Criticized for posing with packed lunch Big The Easter sun lies on a fold of skin.

But did anyone care about Jonas’ ass? Did anyone suspect that he was “showing his body” and “posing”?

I want a society where you can be a respectable politician without being male above a certain age.

The performance at Mascorama was to be more “non-political” than the Kompany performed at Lauritzen. Even if you are responsible for Norway’s safety and preparedness, your clothing should be as transparent as you like.

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