Commentary: Eating bloody meat is all that is left of the “rebellion”.

Commentary: Eating bloody meat is all that is left of the “rebellion”.

Come with a meat guarantee: Trygve Slacksvold Vedum promised a meat guarantee at the Center Party’s national meeting in Trondheim at the weekend, meaning no climate tax on meat.

TRONDHEIM (VG) Center party leaders attack cynical elites. But at the weekend’s national gathering, it was the elite who won.

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When the Center was in opposition, we were used to constant attacks on upper castes, cyclists, walkers, vegetarians, coffee drinkers and milk drinkers on electric scooters.

Even if they are in power, the party has it.

At the national meeting in Trondheim over the weekend, Agriculture Minister Sandra Borch and SP leader Geir Pollestad brought Dagbladet. Outside of the bloody meat feast.

– Dinner without meat? Then it wasn’t dinner, Porch said. – Meatless Monday is a joke, Pollestad said.

They love to tease vegetarians, animal lovers and environmentalists. Party leader Trygve Slacksvold Vedum continued in VG, promising a guarantee of meat.

Must have meat: Agriculture Minister Sandra Porch believes meat or fish is a must for dinner.

The leadership is trying to quell the rebellion in the party, which is naturally inflamed when Norway enjoys tax breaks, very expensive electricity, food and fuel.

And it does. Because when Delgates travels from Trondheim, the southerners have to pay for the shirt to shower again. As they stand and soak, they know that no political action has been taken.

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On Friday, Secretary General Marit Arnstadt said in a speech that they would have to wait until October. Because after that another panel of experts will come up with their answers. The next day, the National Assembly decided not to do anything about electricity prices.

Per Olaf Lundtigen tried, but did not vote. All plans to intervene in the electricity market have failed. So the party is in favor of the status quo.

Ripping buddies: Marit Arnstad and Keir Pollestad told VG about their ripping habit before Christmas. The Center Party’s parliamentary leader and deputy leader in the Storting admit they don’t swear by ribs.

We had a strange session when the party leadership protested against stopping the electrification of Melgoya.

Ola Borten Moe stood on stage and defended the so-called climate initiative with funny arguments that the party should avoid pointing out individual projects and only have a general policy in the area.

It’s hard to believe that management really means what they say. This action will not reduce global emissions. This makes electricity more expensive and destroys other businesses in Finland. This can lead to division and arguments.

But the top echelons in the SP are supportive because the Govt.

Fortunately, democracy worked here. In this case, the administration voted. The majority decided that the Center should oppose the electrification of Melgoya.

Melkaya: The gas processing plant is the third largest emission point in Norway, and the government wants to electrify the plant. Gas is used today.

Otherwise, the leadership in the party mostly got what they wanted. National Hospital to be built. There are health institutions.

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A key decision came down to the line, where the party was went inside Lower taxes on business.

Thus they pave the way for the purple which the government has already started. Stopping attacks on “Kings” and “Barons” is the first step.

It may help the government scheme. As many have pointed out: there are many purple voters and they go Conservative in large numbers.

They are against heavy taxes and know that revenue has to come from somewhere.

Fronter STRÖMPØPØR: But party veteran Per Olaf Lundteigen did not gain any traction with his proposals at the national meeting at the weekend.

So there is not much revolt against the upper class that reaches the center party. Topps have finally realized that they are part of the elite. With unusual wine notes.

Sandra Porch and Keir Pollestad drink a Chateau de Ferrand (2009) with their steak with Duckblade.

In Poland, a bottle costs around NOK 600.

Are turnips, cauliflower and carrots really that stupid?

When Drikwe Slacksvold Vedum was in opposition, he came out against the politically correct elites who told the people what to eat.

After Sp’s national meeting at the weekend, we now know that porridge isn’t dinner, pancakes can go a long way, but veggie burgers aren’t.

Of course, this is pure sausage tissue.

At the same time, it is very convenient for the leadership of the Center Party if the agitation and protests are directed at the vegetarians and other cynical people in the city.

Not toward those who support both the salmon tax and the power market. For this and more, the elites in the Center Party will hold.

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