Commentary, Ove Mellingen | Jonas: We’ll have to tell you so that he can sound appropriate in the closed rooms of the Kremlin

Commentary, Ove Mellingen |  Jonas: We'll have to tell you so that he can sound appropriate in the closed rooms of the Kremlin

The situation in Europe calls for this. “Taste the figure of 5.5 million people. That’s how many Ukrainians are now fleeing. It is as if everyone in Norway will become refugees in a few weeks ”- said the Prime Minister.

“We must tell you this so that the sound is in the closed rooms of the Kremlin,” said Jonas. He referred to Putin’s “stacks” where he seems to listen to no one but himself, and his closest, who may be the closest, precisely because they do not speak out against the Russian president.

But on the full market square in Skien on a Sunday afternoon, Stoer was also concerned with the Palestinian cause. We have no right to forget the Palestinians, although a lot has happened in recent years. We cannot surrender until they have their own Palestinian state, Store said.

But it was only natural that there would be a lot more about Ukraine. The Prime Minister emphasized that this will cost some of us all. – There is great generosity in Norway, but we will obviously notice, when we have a Ukrainian in the queue at the Grand Prix, or other things happen. The Prime Minister said we would all take note, but he also emphasized that he met with the goodwill of the Norwegian people.

Among the domestic policy issues he mentioned, all the crises the government had to deal with were the few months they ruled.

Poor thing, the prime minister said to me, you’ve had the misfortune. But it’s really not unfortunate for us. The whole point of seeking power is to specifically address problems as they arise. The message was trying to make a difference.

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It was easy to notice that people appreciated almost the usual May 1st. Perhaps the people, too, were more responsive to sermons than to tradition. It may well be that when you miss that natural state, like an event fitting for May Day, you also appreciate it more when it returns.

It basically bodes well for the next big day, in just 16 days. If May 1 is any indication, Tuesday May 17 will be a festive day in a truly special classroom.

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