Company Lauritzen, Rauand Ismail | News flows in “Kompanie”-Rauand: – People recognize each other

Company Lauritzen, Rauand Ismail |  News flows in “Kompanie”-Rauand: – People recognize each other

The new recruits at “Company Lauridsen” had a sudden start to their new military routine, and many struggled in the first few days.

One person with a real taste of the hard life is MDG politician Raund Ismail (24), who has already faced problems in the first tests.

Without managing a push-up or sit-up in the strength test, and so far behind in the brief, both observers and commanders may be in doubt as to how on earth this is going to proceed.

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Ismail tells Netavisen that feedback has been pouring in since the first episodes and the inbox is not just sceptical.

Got more news

In an interview with Netavision, Ismail says that he tries not to put too much energy into the negative feedback that came after his setback in the strength tests, but to focus on the people he helped.

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That's because, according to the 24-year-old, he's received several messages from viewers who are well aware of the situation.

– many who recognized themselves in it, sent messages and thanked them that “we too” were represented, Ismail continues:

— because absolutely everyone can do sit-ups and push-ups and military-grade hang-ups.

However, he is all clear can Make it happen.

– But I hope those who recognize themselves know that they can achieve it if they try and work hard for it. At least that's what I've learned myself.

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Action has been taken

Although there were no high scores during the strength tests at “Kompani Lauritzen”, Ishmael can be said to have chosen to take action since signing up for Netavichen.

With a reality check that the muscles in his stomach and arms were not as strong as he had imagined, Ismail now began to do more strength training.

– I have actually done a lot of strength training since I was at “Kompani Lauritzen”. To meet himself at the door that way, it leads to some changes, and Ismail says yes, smiling.

Ismail says that he looks back on “Kompanie Lauritzen” as a challenging time, but does not hide that the many trials that the recruits had to overcome did him a lot of good.

– It cost me a lot to implement many of the things I did there, but every time I did something, I was very proud of what I did and what I tried. I took that pride with me.

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