Comparison of Samsung S90C vs S90C. LG OLED C3 – Samsung meets LG in an OLED duel

Comparison of Samsung S90C vs S90C.  LG OLED C3 – Samsung meets LG in an OLED duel

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Samsung and LG are, in a sense, the television world’s answer to BMW and Audi. On the other hand, the South Korean giants are bitter rivals fighting to win the favor of TV viewers. But they also live in a kind of symbiotic relationship with each other, and the race to deliver the best picture experience has turned up some impressive TV screens in recent years.

Both are among the largest TV manufacturers in the world, with their own panel factories behind them. LG is an ardent advocate of OLED technology, which has enjoyed adventurous progress over the past 10 years. On the other hand, Samsung is sworn by safe and reliable LCD technology, with advantages such as better price-per-inch, higher brightness and lower burn-in risks.

Now, however, we see a shift in Samsung: the world’s largest TV manufacturer is starting to phase out LCD screens and shift more and more towards OLED. There is even talk that Samsung may start buying OLED panels from LG in the future! Not everyone has seen He. She Comeā€¦

Comparison of Samsung S90C vs S90C. LC C3: QD-OLED vs “regular” OLED

For 2023, Samsung has expanded its lineup with two new OLED series, which aims to challenge arch-rival LG on home soil. The more affordable of these two, the S90C, is in the middle of the same price range as the popular LG OLED C3. And so the stage is set for an exciting OLED duel.

LG is celebrating the 10th anniversary of its “W” OLED technology, while Samsung can outdo itself with its newer, more advanced “QD” OLED technology. Here, instead, a mixture of blue light and quantum dots (quantum dots) is used to create the colors. It presents some advantages, but also some challenges, which we’ll come back to.

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Samsung S90C. (Photo: Samaung)

What screen sizes are available?

Here, LG is undoubtedly the one that gives us the most options. The OLED C3 series comes in a wide range of screen sizes, from 42 to 83 inches. Samsung’s S90C series, on the other hand, should do 55- and 65-inch diagonals, but a larger 77-inch is expected in the fall.

LG OLED55C3 with WebOS23. (Photo: Udon Hage)

We confirmed this in testing

We’ve tested the 55-inch Samsung TQ55S90C and LG OLED55C34LA, and compared them side by side.

We tested the TVs against each other under controlled lighting conditions. In addition to making visual observations of image quality, we also took measurements of contrast, brightness, and color reproduction, as well as latency (input delay), to see how the two displays performed in relation to each other.

Read on and find out which of the OLED TVs we consider the best!

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