June 8, 2023


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Computer chips are crucial to Putin's war machine.  This is how the Russians get around the US embargo.

Computer chips are crucial to Putin’s war machine. This is how the Russians get around the US embargo.

The Russians refuse to buy military technology. Could be a problem in Ukraine. But the Russians have previously shown that they can circumvent US sanctions.

In 2017, the Russian authorities published this photo, which shows a long-range cruise missile being launched from a Russian ship. Now the Russians may have a problem with little access to microchips, which are very important for this type of missile.

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In the spring of 2015, a package of more than 100 computer chips will arrive at the Moscow office of Ilyas Sapirov. According to himself, for several years the businessman has supplied the Russian army with electronic equipment from the United States.

Until 2014, this was unproblematic, but then Putin annexed Crimea.

The United States and several countries responded with a number of sanctions. Among other things, restrictions on the sale of microchips that can be used in missiles and military satellites. According to Reuters, this type of chip came to Sabrov’s office.

Seven years later, Russia was again subjected to a series of sanctions. The goal is to reduce or make the Russian war in Ukraine impossible. But the case since 2015 is just one example of how the Russians have repeatedly recovered from Western sanctions.

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