Confessed to smuggling on the farm

Confessed to smuggling on the farm

On the last day, Tonje Frigstad admitted to the disqualified participants that she had sabotaged several weekly tasks. Farm winner Daniel Godot also has no pure flour in the bag.

– I smuggled a love letter during my stay, the 30-year-old admitted.

Daniel, Dinky Bolderman, and Nils Kavalvik were three former Farmen participants who took part in Torpet. When Nils Kavalvik was kicked out of the competition for breaking the rulesDaniel saw his cut to call his loved ones abroad:

– I wrote a letter to my girlfriend and friends, put it in an envelope and wrote “If you see this letter, send it.” I put the letter in the pocket of Nils’s trousers and put the trousers at the bottom of the bag, so that the producer would not discover him, if they went through his things.

After Farmen signed up, Daniel learned that the plan had worked:

– While Nils was sitting at a Burger King far in northern Norway he noticed something in his pants pocket, smiling Ålesunderen, who says Nils sent the letters, as responded to the envelope.

Got Separation Anxiety

Daniel Godot and Tonji Frigstadt both experienced life after the farm as different, and thought going back was hard.

It’s a lot tougher than you think, says Tonje, who she thought would handle it better, although production has repeatedly warned that it might be a requirement.

I feel lonely: Everyday life after the farm has become difficult for Tonji Frigstad. Photo: Good morning Norway

– I thought this was bullshit, but it took two to three weeks before I felt at home in 2021. I worried about breaking up when I didn’t sleep with the others on the farm. I felt empty and lonely, says the 21-year-old.

Daniel also thought it strange to travel 100 years forward.

– Life is very different. Life in 2021 is very virtual, with screens everywhere, you will always be entertained and never bored. Whereas in 1921 people rolled their thumbs on the sofa, were with animals and didn’t even have a watch.

Not having a watch was something Daniel appreciated and still does, and he encourages others not to pay too much attention to:

– It was great to live without a watch and without social media. I have bought a Detox Phone, an old Nokia phone, which you can call and send SMS only through.

Tonje didn’t buy a “detox phone,” but even though she has nearly 38,000 followers on Instagram, life without social media was one of the best things about her Farmen stay:

I never miss social media! There is a Tonje before the farm and after the farm. I’m better at being with who I’m with, being there and then being there.

Dreaming of more reality

Although Tonje thought the transition to life in 2021 was fantastic, she has now adapted to both daily life and a job as a temporary program manager at Good night Norway.

The temporary job is only a few more weeks away, but the 21-year-old dreams of more TV work.

I have a dream to continue in the industry. The TV industry gave me more flavor and I’m enjoying myself. She hints that it wouldn’t be stupid to join another adventure.

– As in many reality shows? Which one do you want?

– Oh, there are so many! But I really dream that we dance and 71 degrees north.

If Daniel had to choose a new reality show, it would be Kompany Lauritzen, but his plan moving forward is to take early Christmas holidays and find a shack plot.

– I am thinking of his residence in Sørlandet, in the municipality next to Birkeland where Tonje grew up, where I have a family, he says.

Good Friends: Although Tonje was bitter about second place, she and Daniel are good friends today.  Photo: Good morning Norway

Good Friends: Although Tonje was bitter about second place, she and Daniel are good friends today. Photo: Good morning Norway

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