June 9, 2023


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Congressman holding a gun in a Christmas photo - A few days after the school massacre - VG

Congressman holding a gun in a Christmas photo – A few days after the school massacre – VG

Political Christmas Message: Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massey (bottom left) is confused with this family Christmas card.

Republican Congressional politician Thomas Massey quietly asked Santa Claus with ammunition and stood armed with a family photo for this Christmas. Now he receives criticism from gun opponents and gun owners.


Kentucky’s top politician, Thomas Massey, who represents the Republican Party in Congress, is attracting attention with this year’s Christmas photo. Four days later Four students were shot dead In the deadliest school shooting in America since 2018, he posted the following prayer for Santa Claus on Twitter:

– Merry Christmas! note. Santa, please bring ammo.

Together with his wife and five other family members, he stands in front of a Christmas tree. Everyone is holding a firearm and looking at the camera.

The case was first reported by the British newspaper independent.

The Christmas card created a storm on social media. Both opponents of the gun and proponents of the pepper weapon Massey criticize him and accuse him of insensitive behaviour.

strong feedback

Four disciples were killed at that time Ethan Crumbly opens fire on Oxford High School in the small town of Oxford, Michigan. He himself was a student at the school.

The 15-year-old was accused of killing four students between the ages of 14 and 17 and wounding seven others in the attack on Tuesday. Crumble’s parents, James and Jennifer Crumble Charged with premeditated murder by aiding and abetting murder. They deny criminal guilt

Among those who responded forcefully was Fred Gutenberg, who lost his daughter during the Parkland school massacre. He shares a picture of his late daughter Jaime with her gravestone and addresses himself directly to the top politician:

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-RepThomasMassie Since we first share family photos, here’s mine. This is one of the last photos she took of Jaime, and the other one from her grave site after the Parkland school shooting, Gutenberg tweeted in her response and adds:

– The Michigan school shooter and his family used to take pictures like yours.

A person calling himself Bex responded by posting a photo of the four victims of Tuesday’s attack, writing simply:

Their parents will disagree.

Many gun owners also punish Massey for what they call a “gun fetish.”

– I’m a gun owner, but I don’t understand gun fetish from @repThomasMassie. Seems very unethical this week, tweets a man named Steve Metz.

Piers Morgan, the former British talk show host, was also shocked. Morgan, who is not known for his controversial views, seems to think Massey is going too far:

– A week after another horrific school shooting in America, a member of the US Congress posted this. Unusually, Morgan writes, I am devoid of words.

Support Kyle Rittenhouse

Last week, I supported Massey Controversial release of Kyle Rittenhouse (18) They shot and killed two men and wounded another during riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last summer. He wrote that he defended Rittenhouse’s actions even after his arrest last year NEWSWEEK.

One Twitter user thinks Thomas Massey does not represent most Americans.

Massey was also one of the 21 Republican Congressmen who voted to award the Medal of Honor to the members of Congress who defended Capitol Hill during the January 6, 2020 attack by Donald Trump fans.

After the attack, Massey said he was “happy to be armed within hours of holed up in the office with our staff.”

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