Conhilt Storton | Conhild Stortelon with MDG Prayer:

Conhilt Storton |  Conhild Stortelon with MDG Prayer:

Votes for MDG in this year’s starting election.

– I have never voted for MDG before, but they are getting my vote in this election, says Kunhild Stortalon to Netvision.

In a comment post TV2 Kunhild Stortalen asks if Erna Solberg and Jonas Kahar Store understand the seriousness of the climate crisis, and calls for cooperation with MDG.

– I really care about shit. In recent years, I have spent thousands of hours with researchers. I have learned that most researchers are very cautious and reserved. He writes that they will not shout “wolf wolf” until they are completely safe and will be checked twice.

He points out that the researchers are clear and that the code for climate and environment is red.

– The government has held more than 200 press conferences on Corona, nothing about climate and environment. He writes in the post that we are in a much bigger crisis than Corona.

Stortell points out that climate and environmental crisis is a disease that affects everyone, but it will severely affect future generations.

– I hope they get great support

In a comment post on TV2, he writes that in this year’s starting election, we are deciding whether Norway is on the right side of history when it comes to climate and environment. She believes we have a window of almost 10 years where we can conduct firefighting and treatment.

While he says this makes a lot of sense in the climate policy of the Labor Party, the Conservative Party and other parties, he believes that most parties do not have the understanding that we are in a crisis situation when it comes to climate and environment. .

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However, there is one party that stands alone in terms of understanding the crisis, Stortalen believes:

– I hope there will be great support for MDG in this election. This forces Erna and Jonas to listen, and she teases.

When asked by Netavision whether he would vote for the MDG himself in this year’s election, he replied yes.

“If we continue as before, the only party that understands the dimensions of the crisis we are going through is MDG,” he told Netavision.

– I strongly encourage you to collaborate with Erna and Jonas MDGs, whoever wins the election and becomes the new Prime Minister

In Stortellin’s post on, Solberg presents ten crisis demands to the store, including weekly press conferences on efforts to combat climate and environmental crisis, to ask researchers to reduce excessive consumption of meat, to stop oil exploration, and to cooperate with MDG.

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The diet needs to be adjusted

This summer the online newspaper met Stordalon, and dHe criticized the government for short-term thinking, Fragmented, they put the economy above public health. Especially the future of children and youth.

The criticism came in the wake of the sugar tax removed by the government earlier this year. He hopes the sugar tax will once again be a topic in political conversation in Norway.

What was your reaction when it came out that the sugar tax had been removed?

– Wandro. Norway, which was one of the first countries in the world to introduce this line, goes against flow and research and removes it, shamefully. The government could not see the bigger picture, and they see what they are saving on trade leaks, which they are compensating many times more than the health budget and the NAV, Stortalen said.

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He also pointed out how important it is for us to adjust our diet to the climate. Norway is already committed to reducing food waste and food waste by 2030, but we are nowhere near reaching the goal.

– Without adjusting the diet, we have no chance of achieving the goals of sustainability, we have no chance of reaching the Paris Agreement and avoiding the climate crisis we are already feeling in the body. It burns in Turkey, there is drought in Afghanistan and severe weather in Canada. Food and energy are absolutely paramount in the puzzle we are now going to solve, Stordalan said.

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