Conservative Nestor on the party’s crisis: – Erna is responsible

Conservative Nestor on the party’s crisis: – Erna is responsible
Conservative Nestor on the party’s crisis: – Erna is responsible

TROMSØ/OSLO (VG) Conservative politicians across the country want the facts on the table before naming Erna Solberg as a safe candidate for prime minister. They remind her that even if she did not commit the crime, she has a responsibility.

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Rolleiv Lind, leader of the Northern Norway Conservative Party in Tromsø, believes one point is central to Erna Solberg’s future after the revelations about the man’s share purchase:

– There is a difference between guilt and responsibility.

Lind is a former bank manager and member of the Board of Tax Appeals, and for many years one of the leading shop stewards of the Conservative Party in Tromsø.

He elaborates:

– It is like the captain of a ship. Anyone else on the boat is responsible for anything, even if it’s at fault. And so it is in this case. Lind tells VG that even though Erna is not to blame, he is responsible as the manager.

Voted at home: Erna Solberg and Sindre Finns photographed at the permanent polling station at Skjold School in Bergen on Monday 11 September.  Around Erna: chief of staff Jenny Klemt von Detzschner, press manager Cato Hussabo Fossen and consultant Therese Eya Leron.

He meets VG on the waterfront in Tromsø, where he is re-elected to the municipal council.

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– You don’t have to be guilty, but you have a responsibility, that’s the case now. She has a significant responsibility. In the worst case, even if you are not to blame, you are responsible for the consequences.

At the same time, Lind is eager to get all the information on the table and believes it’s too early to make any decisions at this point.

– Erna Solberg He has one hundred percent confidence until he doesn’t have it. This is how politics works. If you have 50 or 60 percent confidence, you can’t sit. But only three bodies can assess this: the National Conference of the Conservative Party, the National Board of the Conservative Party and Erna Solberg.

Lind adds:

– Until now, I have one hundred percent faith in Erna Solberg, he says.

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– A prime minister should take charge

SUNMORE – As the Conservative Party won a landslide victory in last Monday’s general election, Sindre Finn’s violent share trading was also largely noticed.

Cindre Rottevatn, the Conservative Party’s mayoral candidate in Volta, believes it is too early to decide whether Erna Solberg will be the Conservative Party’s prime ministerial candidate in 2025.

– Commentators may have a point that a Prime Minister should take responsibility even if he is not to blame. I’ll wait a bit to make a decision until I get more information. But I fully understand that questions are being asked about this too, Rottevatn tells VG.

He thinks the Finns/Solberg case, along with other meritocracy cases from this summer, is not particularly confidence-inspiring for the political establishment.

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– Overall, the cases probably have such an effect – they go beyond people’s trust in politicians.

Responsibilities: Right-wing mayoral candidate Cindre Rottevatn in Volta reminds us of the responsibilities of a prime minister or prime minister candidate.

– What do you think Erna and the Conservative Party said about the extent of her husband’s activities just three days after the election?

– I have no information other than what I get through the media. So I understand there will be a time frame from central ownership. I have to believe that the Conservative Party came up with what they thought was fair based on the information they got quickly.

– Do you think there is no training so as not to disturb the election?

– I understand very well that the question was raised.

Case in point: Annette Solly is the Conservative Party's long-serving group leader on Akershus and Wickan County Council.

– Erna’s responsibility

Annette Solly, long-time group leader of the Conservative Party on Wicken County Council, believes that Erna Solberg and her close associates did not spend more time than necessary telling their wife about the highly active share trading of Sindre Fins that disqualified her. During his tenure as Prime Minister.

– Erna and Hier realized on the Friday before the election that Syndre Fins’ stock transactions had a different volume than first thought. I trust them though E24 On Wednesday evening (6 September) Erna published her article on increased trade activity from the Finns at the end of her term as Prime Minister.

– Now I await Høyre’s timeline to see how the handling of the case has developed. I think it is too early to point out the consequences, Solli tells VG.

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– What do you think about a prime minister being responsible for things he is not to blame for?

– What happened was Erna’s responsibility. But she was deliberately deceived over and over again for a long time. Then, I think it went a bit too far and concluded that there should be consequences for him as a prime ministerial candidate and as a party leader, he says.

– I understand it being asked

Full confidence: Terje Rogde was the Conservative Party's mayoral candidate at Hammerfest.  He has faith in Erna Solberg, but says everything has to be on the table.

Terje Rogde was the Conservative Party’s mayoral candidate at Hammerfest. He is understood to be being asked whether the Conservative Party failed to disclose the extent of Finns’ share trading and Erna’s disqualification before last Monday’s snap election.

— I dare not speculate about it, I cannot imagine that it would have been. But I understand the question being asked, says Rogde.

Should Erna consider dropping out as a prime ministerial candidate before the 25 elections – as half of respondents to the VG poll think?

– It is a bit early to draw conclusions here. I have full faith in Erna. The Hammerfest politician replies that after everything is on the table in this matter, there will be another process when we have to assess the candidate for Prime Minister.


Magnus Melland won a snap election as the Conservative Party’s mayoral candidate in Chor-Varanger. He waits to see if Solberg can become the Conservative Party’s prime ministerial candidate again:

– I am neutral on that question. Erna has been a wonderful Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party – with a new and modern policy. The Conservative Party will clarify the Prime Ministerial candidate issue after the explanation of what happened in the Sindre Finns case. This is a difficult and detailed matter. But it should be one hundred percent enlightened.

Tough issue: Magnus Mæland at Sør-Varanger Conservative believes that clarity is needed on this matter.

Should Erna accept the consequence that she was responsible for her disability even though it was not her “fault”?

– This is an assessment to be made by ERNA and the Central Board. It’s incredibly important that we have a lot of faith in the person we put forward as a prime ministerial candidate. “So I’m not ready to answer who the Conservative Party candidate should be,” Meland replied.

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