Conservatives demand response to reports of news from various parts of the country – Ukraine fighting in government – NRK Norway

Conservatives demand response to reports of news from various parts of the country - Ukraine fighting in government - NRK Norway

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, however; Expression in the background Filter News Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor) and Justice and Emergency Preparedness Minister Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) have raised key questions about Norway’s handling of Norwegian aid to Ukraine in a confidential note.

According to Filter Nyheter, both ministers have gone so far as to point out to the Foreign Ministry that Norwegian authorities have not made quick enough decisions on emergency assistance following Ukraine’s specific demands.

– Excitement

– If the leaks in Filter Nyheter are true, it’s sensational, Schou tells NRK.

Need an answer from the Prime Minister: Ingert Shoe (H)

Photo: Christian Nicard-Manson / NRK

– If it turns out that infighting within the government has delayed aid in any way, it is serious. He says he asked the Prime Minister today to explain why he did not ensure smooth decision-making processes in such a dire and critical situation.

Shoe acknowledges that differences within governments are not entirely unknown in politics.

– But it is important to have clear command lines and leadership, which he says ensures that fighting does not go beyond Norway’s assistance to Ukraine.

According to Filter Nyheter, the politician noted that Kjerkol and Mehl have called for “smooth decision-making processes” on emergency assistance through the UCPM program, which is the EU’s civil emergency plan. Schou also asks the Prime Minister which ministry is now responsible for decisions regarding Norwegian equipment or personnel sent through the UCPM.

– Worked in high gear

The Prime Minister’s Office said an inter-ministerial working group had been set up to deal with requests for assistance from Ukraine.

– We are now working in high gear across the government to deal with a crisis that is primarily affecting Ukraine, but it is affecting us both internally and therefore affecting many ministries across the government, says Secretary of State Dale Jordbake (Labor) in the Prime Minister’s Office. .


Many opposition parties have criticized the government’s efforts to help Ukraine.

– Crisis in Ukraine Norwegian ministers do not have time to fight among themselves and shake their legs between ministries, it simply does not work. Now every hour counts, says Liberal Party vice-president Sveinung Rotevatn Filter News.

Sveinung Rotevatn

Hourly Accounts: Liberal Party Vice President Sweeney Rottewatt criticizes the government.

Photo: Torstein Poe

Christian Typring-Gijette of the Progressive Party is also critical.

– He writes in a text message to the NTB that there is no need for a time-consuming and time-consuming political process to decide such a question.

SV’s parliamentarian Andreas Sjalg Unneland says he expects the government to clean up.

– Norway is one of the slowest countries in Europe to stand up when people press the emergency button, he says.

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