Consumer, Data | Now you have to pay extra for Telenor’s service – refusal to disclose customer defections

Consumer, Data |  Now you have to pay extra for Telenor’s service – refusal to disclose customer defections

(electronic newspaper): From June 1, you must find your email account with Telenor.

– The service will cost NOK 39 per month from June 1st. For customers who already have a subscription and pay for extra storage, the price goes up from NOK 29 to NOK 49 per month, he said. Press director Anders Crokan at Telenor to Nettavisen in April.

If you are no If you want to pay for the service, it is now necessary to cancel the subscription. If you are sitting on the couch, this will happen automatically.

The deadline is Wednesday

Customers who wish to end their email relationship with Telenor must do so by Wednesday, May 31.

Netavisen has been in touch with Telenor to clarify how many customers were lost after the price warning popped up.

“Unfortunately, we don’t share customer numbers for email service, but even if some customers choose to change email providers, it’s not a huge exodus of customers yet,” Krokan told Nettavisen on Tuesday afternoon.

We don’t have a chance to imitate that as long as Telenor keeps the numbers to itself.

He defends price jumps

If you want to opt out, you need to do the following, according to Crokan:

– Customers can manage customer relationships themselves on “My Pages”, including termination of service. Telenor is also not obligated to this service, so it can be terminated at any time, he says.

Other major players like Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo offer free email accounts. These are admittedly funded by advertisements.

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Telenor justifies its price increase as follows:

– We’re doing this because Telenor recently upgraded Online Email to a new, safer, more future-oriented design – including a new spam filter. Customers now get an easier-to-use email solution with better security. Not least, they’re getting a modern, up-to-date email client, he says.

– Understand that people’s reaction

Krokan told Nettavisen in April that he’s ready for feedback:

– We understand that customers will react to this. However, we feel compelled to introduce the new pricing so that we can offer an email service that meets current and future requirements for a secure, easy-to-use service with a spam filter.

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