Contradiction between the sexes, evolution | Knowledge and feelings about sex

Contradiction between the sexes, evolution |  Knowledge and feelings about sex

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We need manageable language. “Gender” should be used for what it is. We have to use other words to describe other phenomena, such as identity.

The basic meaning and understanding of gender was a common frame of reference. Maintaining this is essential to having a meaningful public conversation.

We can respect people’s feelings and self-perception without letting the concept of gender collapse. Gender is just as much biology as before. Humans only have two sexes, but self-aware sexuality is a topic that is gaining more and more space.

Respect and tolerance

Some struggle with the so-called gender discrepancy, feeling like they’ve been put in the wrong body. This is serious and needs follow-up and treatment.

We can respect and tolerate others’ identity and feelings without rejecting science. Unfortunately, there are those who believe that you cannot be a good enough person nowadays without denying the facts about sex.

This became evident when I recently asked celebrity doctor Kaveh Rashidi a question on the topic of sex. I asked thus: “Is it necessary to become a doctor and to know that human beings have two sexes and that human beings cannot change sex?”

It was the prehistory that Al-Rashidi claimed this summer that many doctors have mistaken humans for having only two sexes. He also made a number of grossly untrue claims about me and my positions.

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Takes self-criticism

I’m getting self-critical because I popped the question during a happy tidbit on his Instagram account. There he rejoiced that he would become a certified medical specialist. Of course I had to congratulate him.

But: Doctors must be able to diagnose and treat patients as best they can. They should know that humans as a species have two sexes, that we cannot change sex and that men cannot have children. They should also know that some may feel like the opposite sex or something completely different, and follow up on these patients in a respectful and good manner.

Serious consequences

Clinicians should know that many of these patients fall into their own bodies if given time. Unnecessary harmful physical interventions on a healthy body should be avoided. Young men in a desperate situation may require treatment that causes them to become brittle and lose their ability to reach orgasm and reproduce. But after a few years, after puberty, with good help, they can rather be happy with their bodies and be grateful that they can have children.

Redefining gender has bigger consequences than just a messy discussion. Small example: biological men who become legitimate women can crush women who are more capable in the athletic field because of the masculine physique they already have and always will.

sex either or

We have to mention that gender-based rights should primarily relate to your biological sex, not your gender perception. We can of course find workable solutions wherever possible and reasonable.

UiO Evolutionary Biology Professor Glenn-Peter Sætre confirms that my factual statements about sex are correct. At the same time, Al-Rashidi corrects. The fact that I correctly perceive sex does not make me intolerant, obnoxious, or hopeless, as some claim.

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Sex in humans, that is, biological sex, either or. But personality, feelings, and identity around sex naturally have smooth transitions. It’s not a declaration of war against the latter if you stick to the actual definition of gender. We need to clean up the language and discuss it in an honest way.

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