Corona and Holidays: Delta Brits allowed into Mallorca from Wednesday – Domestic Politics

A month ago the world was even better in Portugal: standard events 30 and plenty of vacationers in the country. Four weeks later, the phenomenon has tripled, and the holiday country with the beautiful Alcarve is now part of the viral variation. Why? Because Portugal was the only country where the British were allowed to travel despite the delta eruption …

In Germany is concerned about other holiday countries such as Spain or Greece Within a few weeks the corona virus falls into the summer vacation water, falling victim to a delta variant.

From tomorrow, Wednesday, everywhere, Great Britain will turn the holidays “green” in Spain and the Balearic Islands.

In other words, those returning to the island do not have to be isolated after the Mallorca holiday from Wednesday. So the great rush of the Delta Englishmen is expected!

Issue: In the UK, the incidence is now 169.2, and that number has doubled in eleven days. The delta variant has dominated there for a long time.

Are the British dragging the Delta to Spain and ruining our Mallorca holiday?

The Spanish government has responded to the urgency coming from the island. The Prime Minister announced on Sanchez Radio in Point Pedro on Friday that every entry from the UK must present a negative PCR test.

“More time,” he says MEP Peter Lease (56, CDU) to BILD. “It is important that this is strictly implemented and controlled. As the delta variant is already widespread in Germany and other EU countries, it cannot be prevented from spreading. But we must keep it as slow as possible to vaccinate enough individuals by August.”

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SPD health expert Carl Lauterback (SPD) called for a holiday ban for the British. President Angela Merkel (66, CDU) campaigned for uniform travel rules for the British at the EU summit – a kind of holiday ban through isolation, back door.

German tour operators see themselves as armed

Despite the spread of tension among politicians, calls for tougher check restrictions and five more days of isolation for returnees, tour operators still seem relaxed – considering the British emergency in Spain.

“In our view, the Spaniards have set some of the best safety concepts this year,” a spokesman for the DER Tourist Build said in view of the PCR test regulation. Buildul TUI spokesman Aaj Danhaft: “The travel industry has often proven that safe travel in Germany and Europe is possible without problems if you follow the rules of hygiene and distance, such as being at home.”

Independent even from different corona types, the holidaymakers showed up around Easter, and if the rules were followed the package tours would not be a driver for the epidemic, Danhoft said. Studies by the Robert Koch Institute have also proven this.

All organizers agree on one point: If you do not want to take any risks, you should book a package tour. FTI boss Ralph Schiller tells the builder that you can already benefit from the expertise of experts when booking – and you always have a contact person in case of site issues or changes to corona rules.

Bareiß: “Discussions are unnecessarily unresolved”

Even within the federal government, people firmly believe that summer vacations are possible. Federal Tourism Commissioner Thomas Barek (46, CDU) says: “It is currently safe to travel to many parts of the world. Comply with the site’s health measures and applicable entry rules. “

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To avoid this risk, it is important to be especially vigilant with regard to delta variability. He added: “The highest safety regulations already apply to areas at risk due to delta variability. It has to be that way. And the current discussion of change is unnecessarily disrupting people and costing them confidence. “

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