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Demonstrasjonar mot koronarestriksjonane i Amsterdam i Nederland laurdag.

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after, after 51 people were arrested and seven injured during a demonstration in Rotterdam on FridayA group canceled their plans to demonstrate in Amsterdam. However, several thousand demonstrated in the Dutch capital on Saturday.

according to Watchman Four people are being treated in hospital for serious injuries after the riots in Rotterdam on Friday.

Burnt out bikes were left on a main street in Rotterdam on Saturday morning. Several hundred participated in a demonstration aimed at a partial coronation that will last for three weeks.


Demonstrations against the lockdown also erupted in the western Dutch city of The Hague on Saturday. Hundreds of people were said to have thrown stones and other objects at the police.

Protesters gathered in The Hague at a crossroads in a working-class neighborhood, where they set a pile of bicycles on fire. At least one person has been arrested.

The government of the Netherlands presented last weekend for three long weeks “soft closing”. This means that several types of shops and restaurants should close between 18-20. People are also asked not to visit more than four people per day.

A scooter is burned in Rotterdam after the demonstrations

The Corona demonstration in Rotterdam on Friday night turned into a violent riot. – The riots and extreme violence against police and firefighters in Rotterdam last night are frightening, said Justice Minister Fred Graberhaus.


Raging against new lockdowns

She wrote that about 35,000 people demonstrated on Saturday afternoon in Vienna Reuters. Strict measures related to the coronavirus and the new lockdown in Austria from Monday have led to people taking to the streets.

The demonstrators carried flags and posters that read “No to vaccination”, “Enough is enough” and “Down with the fascist dictatorship”.

Protesters with posters in Vienna

The crowd demonstrating in Vienna against the new Corona measures on Saturday grew rapidly. 7,000 protesters were first reported. In a short time, the population rose to about 35,000, according to the police.

Photo: Joe Clamar/AFP

About 1,300 police were watching the demonstration.

Police reported that fewer than ten people had been arrested. Whether for violating coronavirus restrictions or for carrying Nazi symbols.

Michael Schneidlitz talking to protesters

Michael Schneidlitz of the Freedom Party speaks to protesters. His party has called on people to protest the new lockdown, which will come into effect on Monday. The party is the third largest party in the country.

Teaching Assistant in Vienna

The vaccination rate in Austria is among the lowest in Western Europe. About 65 percent of the country’s population has been fully vaccinated. A new injury record was set this week.

Police arrest Corona protester

Riot police stormed Friday’s rally and drove hundreds of protesters out in trucks. A man has been arrested here, but the police say the demonstration passed off peacefully.

Protesters with stickers

Demonstrators carry posters that read “Stop the proceedings immediately.” Thousands demonstrated in Vienna against the government’s decision to shut down society again and make coronary artery vaccination mandatory.

Protesters with the banner

These demonstrators are asking the authorities to control the borders, not the people.

It was the Freedom Party that asked the people to take to the streets. The far-right party is the third largest in the country. On Friday, leader Herbert Kekel wrote on his Facebook page that Austria had become a dictatorship. Kickl himself has coronavirus and cannot participate.

Corona protester in Vienna

The demonstration continues in Vienna on Saturday night. Police reported that fewer than a dozen people had been arrested.

Photo: Lisa Lautner/The Associated Press

New injury record

The protests in Austria come after Prime Minister Alexander Schallenberg announced new strict measures on Friday.

Among other things, they mean that Austria will enter a new lockdown from Monday. The reason is the high infection rates.

While there was already a separate closure system for the non-vaccinated, this also applied to the vaccinated. Initially, the lockdown will last for ten days, but it can be extended to 20. The government will also make coronary artery vaccination mandatory from February.

On Thursday, more than 15,000 new cases of infection were recorded in one day. It’s a new record. In addition, Austria’s vaccination rate is among the lowest in Western Europe. About 65 percent of the country’s population has been fully vaccinated.

Corona demonstration in Vienna

About 1,300 police officers are following the demonstration in Vienna. Police said there were no reports of serious accidents.

Photo: Florian Schroetter / AP

Buses transport people from all over the country

At the same time, several thousand demonstrators marched in the Croatian capital Zagreb to protest the new measures to control the infection.

Croatian radio reported that buses transported people from all over the country to the capital in connection with the demonstration.

Demonstrators are calling for the resignation of conservative Prime Minister Andrei Plenkovic.

Protest against COVID-19 measures in Zagreb

It is in particular the latest in a series of infection control measures that form the backdrop to the protest march in the Croatian capital.

Photo: Antonio Pronic/Reuters

Croatia has seen a sharp rise in cases in the past, and in the past seven days, an average of 58 people have lost their lives to COVID-19 every day.

Since Tuesday, only people who have recently been vaccinated, had COVID-19 or tested negative for COVID-19 have access to public buildings.

Infection pressure is increasing in Europe

The situation of infection in Europe is tragic. Of the 12 countries with the highest infection pressure in the world, they are all located in Europe. Shows numbers from Johns Hopkins University.

In the Czech Republic, a new infection record was set on Saturday with 22,936 new cases of infection. According to the authorities, the new closure is not significant.

In Slovakia, there is also an injury record. On Friday, 9,171 new cases were recorded.

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