Corona epidemic: Travel restrictions will be relaxed for Portugal and Great Britain

The federal government has significantly relaxed entry restrictions imposed on Portugal, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Russia, India and Nepal, especially due to the spread of infectious corona species. On Wednesday, all five countries will be downgraded from the virus variation area to the most vulnerable area, the Robert Koch company announced Monday evening. This means that re-entry into Germany is possible for all groups. For those who have been completely vaccinated and those who have recovered, the isolated duty no longer applies; It was abbreviated for everyone else.

By the end of April India had already been classified as a virus variant region, while Nepal and Great Britain in May, and the EU country of Portugal and Russia were not followed until June 29. In this high corona risk category, there are strict entry restrictions:

  • Airlines, buses and trains are not allowed to take people to Germany from areas of virus variation unless they are German citizens or have a place of residence in Germany.

  • Anyone entering Germany from areas where the virus is endemic must remain in isolation for 14 days – even if he or she has been fully vaccinated or has recovered.

As it is downgraded to more events, the traffic ban will no longer apply, so entering Germany will again be possible for all persons using all modes of transport. Those who have not been vaccinated or recovered should be in isolation for only ten days, but with a second trial it may be shortened to five days.

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President Angela Merkel had already announced travel arrangements last week, but did not name a specific date for all countries. At the EU summit in Brussels a week ago, he failed to establish common travel rules in the EU to control the spread of delta variation. Although the number of epidemics here is considerably lower than in Portugal and Great Britain, this variant is now widespread in Germany as well.

With the demotion of five countries, the number of areas where the virus varies varies from 16 to 11 again. The rest of the country includes Brazil, Uruguay, South Africa and many other countries in Africa.

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