Corona, father of five, dies: “I should have gotten the worst vaccine”

Corona, father of five, dies: “I should have gotten the worst vaccine”

Before a person dies of complications from a corona infection, he sends a text message to his fiance. He wanted to wait with the vaccine.

Las Vegas – Fearing long-term side effects, the 39-year-old Las Vegas man and his family wanted to wait another year to come out against it. Corona Vaccinate. Now the father of five children has died of complications due to a corona infection. While she is already in the intensive care unit, she sends her fianc a text message with the caption “I should have been damned vaccinated”.

On the news portal Rostory, 39-year-old Michael Friedi from Las Vegas regretted his decision not to vaccinate against corona. Suspicion over the undetected long-term side effects of the corona vaccine prevailed, and the American couple preferred to wait a year before the corona vaccine was released.

In one video, his fiance Jessica Tupris said with tears in her eyes about the fate of her family: “Our children are still young, now growing up without a father”. You can’t say you’re young, the disease won’t hit you, “because it will come,” Dubrez said.

39-year-old dies of corona infection: “Never mind not being vaccinated”

Freddie hit the sun badly during a vacation in San Diego as he ignored signs of a corona infection. Finally, the family person went to the emergency room with nausea and chills and tested positive for Govt. The 39-year-old was sent back home when asked to isolate himself, according to Rostory reports.

Fearing long-term side effects, one man wanted to wait before being vaccinated against corona. Now he has died of complications due to corona infection. (Logo image)

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But his health is bad. After several days of isolation, shortness of breath occurred and Friedi was hospitalized with pneumonia, Rostory writes. However, according to her fianc, it was too late. The father of five died of his corona disease and left his children at 17, 10, 7, 6 and 17 months of age.

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The father of the family died of the effects of corona disease

His fianc மனைவிe now insists in a video released by the media and news agency Cameron that she “never intended to be vaccinated.” The 37-year-old and his eldest son are now vaccinated. She is now calling on others to do the same to save themselves and others from this suffering. (Helena Greece)

In the Kassal region, too, a father died of the effects of a corona disease: the family copes with the loss of the father. Without any known illnesses, a 13-year-old from Michigan died suddenly in his sleep: a few days ago he received the second corona vaccine.

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