Corona, health | Corona passports are not excluded in Harstad

On Friday, the government opened for the entry of Corona passports.

By Tuesday at the latest, the municipality of Tromsø hopes to have the Corona passport system in place. You wouldn’t go that fast in Harstad.

– It has not been discussed, but unlike Tromsø, we do not have a situation corresponding to it being necessary at the moment.

However, Director of Communications Øivind Arvola says the situation could change quickly. An example of this is the 17 positive coronavirus tests in a Stangnes nursing home that became known this weekend.

We already know it spins fast. Fortunately, Arvola says, Harstad is a municipality that has managed to get out early by taking measures and taking outbreaks seriously when they come.

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More stringent requirements for unvaccinated people

On Friday, it also became known that the authorities have set stricter conditions for those who have not been vaccinated. Family members who have not been vaccinated should be examined if infection is detected in the vicinity. Unvaccinated health workers are also encouraged to get tested twice a week, in addition to wearing a mask.

We are pleased to have a new testing system for those who have not been vaccinated. When we get one positive test, Arvola says, often the people closest to home are also infected.

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