Corona in Denmark – 11 years old was infected with corona

Corona in Denmark - 11 years old was infected with corona

An 11-year-old boy from Denmark has died after contracting covid-19. Writes Health Policy Journal, a Danish medical journal.

They refer to information from the Danish Serum Statins Institute (SSI), which aligns with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

According to information such as the Danish regional newspaper Nordjeski It must be an 11-year-old boy.

Died two days later

The death was registered on Wednesday 20 October. The boy is said to have died just two days after being tested for coronavirus.

– The magazine says that it is the first time during the Corona epidemic that a child in this age group dies after being infected with the Corona virus, and it is the third time that a child has died of the Corona virus in Denmark.

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Two children in the 0-9 age group had previously died of covid-19, but both had other serious illnesses.

Among them was a five-year-old with special needs who was mentioned by Jyllands-Posten this summer. He lived in a residential institution in Aarhus.

– But he had no lung problems and had not received any medication. However, the disease has devastated his lungs, which can no longer fight off infection, he told his father Jyllands-Posten in July.

Four young men died

Since March 2020, there have been 2,703 coronavirus deaths in Denmark, writes a Danish Extra Bladet. Nine out of ten have underlying disease.

88 percent of the dead were over 70 years old, while nine percent were between 50-69 years old.

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During the pandemic, a total of four people in their twenties died of corona in Denmark.

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Among them were two young men who died this summer without having other underlying illnesses, reports Sundhetspolitisk Tidsskrift.

In the week of October 19-26, there were 12 more coronavirus-related deaths in Denmark, according to figures from the Statens Serum Institute:

  • A man in his thirties with an underlying disease
  • Two women and two men in their 70s, all with underlying disease
  • Four women and two men in their 80s and five of six with underlying disease
  • A man in his 90s, also with an underlying disease
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