Corona in Europe – Warning:

Corona in Europe - Warning:

We are once again the epicenter of the epidemic, Hans Kluge, head of the World Health Organization in Europe, said at a press conference. Watchman.

This means that Europe is once again the most infected place in the world.

We are at a new critical point in the epidemic. If we don’t change course, we will see another half a million coronavirus-related deaths in Europe and Central Asia by February 1, 2022, he warns.

Kluge believes that the jump in infections in Europe is due to the fact that many countries have relaxed their infection control measures in recent months. In addition, there are many areas that still have very low vaccination coverage, he writes CNN.

– Since the virus is now returning in many places, I am asking all health authorities to conduct a comprehensive reassessment of whether they should facilitate or remove procedures at this time, he said.

Think of more to do

The World Health Organization’s latest weekly report showed that the number of cases in Europe rose by six percent compared to the previous week, while the number of deaths rose by up to 12 percent.

This is the highest percentage in the world. All other regions recorded stable trends or a decrease in infections, according to CNN.

Maria Van Kerkhove, an epidemiologist for the World Health Organization, is also concerned about the increase in infections, hospitalizations and deaths in Europe.

Not enough is being done to prevent the spread of infection, you wrote TwitterAnd she stresses that she doesn’t think a new closure is the way to go.

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Even in countries with a high rate of vaccination, Kluge says, vaccination alone only helps at a certain point.

Corona: Health Minister Ingfeld Kirkul (Labour) believes that infected municipalities should not hesitate to implement local measures. Photo: NTB
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Vaccines work as promised: they prevent serious diseases, especially deaths. But he says it is only our most powerful tool, if used in conjunction with public health and social measures.

Van Kerkhove agrees with Kluge.

Vaccination is not enough. Vaccines are incredibly effective against serious illness and death, but they are not enough to prevent infection alone, she writes, adding:

We need more tools to reduce injury.

many invitations

The WHO epidemiologist has made several calls to world leaders and individuals around the world.

As leaders: Strengthen monitoring and testing systems, encourage working from home if you are not healthy, conduct mass surveys, invest in better ventilation where people live, work and study, protect the vulnerable, and strengthen and protect health care workers, she writes.

She completes:

As individuals: get vaccinated when it’s your turn, keep your distance from crowds, wash your hands, open windows, support each other, share the right information, and be kind. This is not just about you. We’re in this together, and we can’t allow the virus to spread. The epidemic is not over yet.

Infection outbreak in Norway

Eastern Europe has been hardest hit by the new wave of infections, with Germany and Russia, among other countries, reporting record infection pressures. In Bulgaria and Romania – where there are still a large number of unvaccinated people – more people have died this week from the coronavirus than ever before.

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But also in Norway, infections have increased dramatically in recent weeks. In many places, the number of inpatients is also increasing, and in the past two weeks, there have been more weekly coronavirus deaths than in a long time, according to the FHI’s latest weekly report.

At a press conference on Thursday afternoon, Health Minister Ingeveld Kirkul emphasized that the pandemic was not over in Norway.

– Kjerkol said that the government is closely following the situation, and there is no need to take national measures now, but it is time to roll up our sleeves again, and said that the municipalities were free to take local measures when necessary.

The government also announced, on Thursday, that high school students will be exempted from the absence limit, and a third dose of the Corona vaccine will be provided to health workers who have contact with patients.

The recommendation can be expanded later to include other groups of health workers. It will depend, among other things, on the infection status or increased knowledge, Kjerkul said.

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