Corona in Spain: Use Against Illegal Parties – Ibiza Wants to Hire Private Detectives

In addition to the infection, a banquet was held on the island of Balearic Ibiza Finally out of control: Now local authorities want to use private detectives to suppress illegal celebrations.

Local government spokesman Armando Thur told AFP that foreign investigators disguised as tourists should “find out before the party starts” by contacting invited guests. This means that the police can come and intervene before the celebration begins.

Durr said detectives should be “between 30 and 40 years old and have high purchasing power” and “look like tourists.” A detective agency has already been “appointed” to appoint the appropriate investigators by August. Only professionals are used, Dur stressed, having already received unsolicited applications “from many European countries.” Local media had previously announced that they were looking for temporary agents.

Named for its extensive treats, the island is one of the hotspots for the new corona virus wave Spain. According to local media, about a hundred new corona cases were recently reported each day, the 14-day event was more than 1700, thus more than any other Balearic Islands. However, it should be taken into account that the events refer only to the island residents. Events are very high due to the cases that the audience brings.

The government spokesman sees the “real mafia” behind the parties

Although the island’s famous nightclubs are closed, there are always private parties, which, according to Tourin, sometimes gather more than 500 guests. They often take place in “country houses” and are organized by the “real mafia”. They charge “up to 100 euros” and will search for their guests outside bars or online networks. As the virus spread, Ibiza banned all night home visits at the end of July.

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