Corona, Molde | Malt: Party participants must be tested on Monday

Corona, Molde |  Malt: Party participants must be tested on Monday

Everyone who goes to a party with a corona infection in the mold must be isolated. On Monday, Romstels writes to Pudstick that they should test themselves.

Earlier on Sunday, several people contacted the ambassador of Rome and Stalin and the municipality of Moldova that there was a corona infection at a party on New Year’s Day. Sunday evening The newspaper writes New information has emerged that the person at the party is unaware that the person in question is positive and thus does not violate the duty of isolation.

On Sunday evening, police confirmed to the newspaper that a case had been opened to investigate what happened.

The newspaper confirms that the municipal chief physician, Cato Innerdal in Molde, has received similar inquiries from the municipality. Romstels writes to Pudstick that they are now being contacted by several party participants who are wondering how to deal with the situation.

– We find it difficult to contact everyone involved, so nothing can be confirmed or denied. Innerdal tells the newspaper that they have asked the police for help in mapping the real situation.

Have you been to a party in Moldova on New Year’s Eve?

Party attendees can be from many places, including Northmore.

Innerd, the municipal chief physician at Romstels Budstikke, tells this information to everyone who attended a party in the municipality of Molde and became infected:

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– On a general basis, I can say that as a general rule those who were in the same party as an infected person should be considered “other close contacts”. That means they need to be isolated. Basically, you will be isolated for 10 days from the time you became infected.

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