Corona news | Omikron has been revealed in Trondheim

Corona news |  Omikron has been revealed in Trondheim

The virus was detected in one case, and three cases were reported as probable omicrons.

On Thursday, December 9, the first case of omicron was detected in Trondheim, the municipality of Trondheim wrote in a press release.

One case of omicron has been demonstrated to be safe, and three have been reported as probable omicron without this being so far safe. The municipality wrote in a press release that work is ongoing all evening to clarify the situation.

The virus was detected in a laboratory at St. Olaf’s Hospital.

– One of the cases was detected on PCR on Wednesday, December 8, and it is new to us. Omicron’s analysis was completed on Thursday, December 9th. The others were previously known to us as people who had close contact with the known Omicron infection, Acting Chief Municipal Physician Elizabeth Kimball says in the press release.

All infected men are in their twenties and fifties.

In updated figures from the National Institute of Public Health, there are now 43 confirmed cases of Omicron in Norway, writes Dagbladet.

The numbers also show that there are 247 probable cases of omicron infection. This is an increase from Wednesday’s number, which was 182.

Most cases have been confirmed in Oslo (20) and Viken (13). Cases have also been confirmed in Vestland (7), Trøndelag (1) and Rogaland (1), while one unknown case, FHI wrote, is reproduced by NTB.

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