Corona – rejects the “contagion party strategy”

Corona - rejects the “contagion party strategy”

In recent days, Denmark has been experiencing high infection pressure with around 25,000 daily infections. Thus, our neighboring country is now on top of the most infected countries in Europe.

Denmark has always followed the same Corona strategy as Norway, with the main goal of slowing the spread of infection to avoid straining the health care system.

One of the country’s infection control experts says TV 2 That Denmark should use an omicron variant to get out of the pandemic.

We know that many will become infected in the long term, so we will delve deeper into a strategy called the “green wave.” This means we will try to control infections so that hospitals are not overburdened, Lone Simonsen tells Dagbladet, a professor at Roskilde University and head of the PandemiX Center research center.

Simonsen was also an expert guide to the government in Denmark during the pandemic.

strong immune system

As more people become infected, the expert believes it could be a good strategy to achieve greater immunity to swarms in the population, both with the vaccine and with the virus itself.

We will get a broader immunity if you are vaccinated and infected with the virus naturally. There is a lot of research to suggest that now. If you’ve been infected with the virus and have immunity through vaccination, your immune system will be more robust for the new variants, Simonsen says.

But she notes that she does not recommend going to the so-called “contagion parties”.

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Some people still get seriously ill from the virus. But if you do become infected and have a mild course of the disease, you can rest assured that you have the natural antibodies, she says.

The Way Out: Epidemiologist Lone Simonsen is referred to as

The way out: Epidemiologist Lone Simonsen is referred to as the “lonely pandemic” in Denmark. She believes Omicron may be the way out of the epidemic. Photo: Christian Rieder Nielsen / Dagbladet
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Pressures on the health care system

In Norway, the strategy is still aimed at slowing the spread of infection. However, many of them are expected to become infected sooner or later in the coming months.

Director of Health Bjorn Goldvog He rejects the possibility of a strategy where many are injured “To get him”.

– It is true that the disease will not be so dangerous for many now, who are fully vaccinated, but if we infect too many at the same time, we will witness a great absence of the disease and a huge burden on the health service and our hospitals, he tells Dagbladet.

We therefore rely on delaying the spread of infection to prevent everyone from getting sick at the same time, Guldvog adds.

– We are bearing significantly more than before, because we are protected by vaccines. But we could have such a boom so fast that it’s uncontrollable, says Guldvog, who also says work is underway to calculate how much infection a community can tolerate now.

Exit way: Health Director Bjorn Goldfog is on his way out of the Corona pandemic.
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on NRK Digestion 18 Frode Forland, director of the National Institute of Public Health, said Wednesday that it might not be a bad argument to “just get over it.” However, he points out that they do not recommend the spread of infection in the community.

To Dagbladet, Forland explains that although it has been shown that omicron can give a milder course of disease, we don’t know how many people will become seriously ill.

We believe it is important to remain in control. The strategic thing is that we must avoid the health care system that is under stress now. So, we don’t want many to get sick at the same time, he said.

Forland says we still don’t know enough about corona and that health authorities don’t want to spread the infection into the community.

No guarantee: The director of the National Institute of Public Health, Frode Forland, believes there is no guarantee that corona infection cannot be re-infected after illness.  Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB
No guarantee: The director of the National Institute of Public Health, Frode Forland, believes there is no guarantee that corona infection cannot be re-infected after illness. Photo: Vidar Ruud / NTB
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Unlike the Danish corona expert, Forland says Norwegian health authorities are not convinced that Omicron will be able to provide lasting protection against other new varieties.

In the event that you become infected, there is no guarantee that you cannot contract corona again. In Denmark, they report, among other things, that there are now many who become infected again. He adds that many people who were previously infected with corona are now infected with the omicron variant.

no guarantee

Assistant Health Director Espen Rostrop told Dagbladet that you’re likely to be better protected from reinfection, if you get omicron at the same time as you were vaccinated.

However, he confirms it There is no guarantee So as not to catch it again.

Therefore, he points out that Simonsen has a theory, and other Danish experts say the opposite.

If you have a population that is well immunized against serious diseases, the result may be that fewer people get infected, and if that group builds immunity, it can be beneficial. But Nakstad tells Dagbladet that it is not certain that immunity is permanent, so it is not certain that it serves you as well as you think.

Denmark: The Danish infection-control expert thinks it pays to let the infection spread – and Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad is skeptical.
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Fewer coronavirus patients

Simonsen believes that when omikron is truly rooted in the community, hospital admissions will also decline or remain stable.

Denmark’s national public health institute, Statens Serum Institut (SSI), has reported throughout the pandemic the total number of hospital admissions due to Corona. Thus, patients who were not admitted due to Corona were also included in these statistics.

However, they have now published a report in which they indicate for the first time the number of patients who are hospitalized due to and due to Corona, according to the Danish newspaper. BT.

according to Figures from the SSI On Friday, 755 people were admitted to hospitals with coronavirus.

– 25% of Corona patients in hospitals are not admitted because of Corona. It could be anything from a broken arm to childbirth, being accidentally tested for the virus. We estimate that this percentage will increase over time, Simonsen says.

Therefore, she believes that it is positive that Omicron becomes so dominant that the alternate takes over the delta job.

A large proportion of those admitted to hospitals have a delta variable. Therefore, we expect that when omikron takes over fully, hospitalizations will not increase significantly. Simonsen says this is a positive development for us and adds:

We should reconsider the testing strategy very soon and focus instead on more testing in hospitals and nursing homes.

Answer: Raymond Johansen, a member of the Oslo City Council, called for answers regarding the condensed capacity. – If we want to understand pressure, we must look at the entire health service, says Espen Nakstad.
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Complete health service

In Norway, there are 280 people who were hospitalized on Friday with corona as the main cause.

Nakstad points out that if the infection spreads out of control in a community, and many are infected at the same time, one must look at the capacity of the entire health service, not just hospitals.

He says that municipalities report difficulty or critical access to staff.

This means that nursing homes that tend to have many nurses on duty at night may now only have one person on the job. This means that emergency rooms that normally walk around for sick visits can no longer do this, says Nakstad and adds:

– When it comes to hospitals, it is clear that when such demanding patients are admitted, other activities must be reduced.

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