Corona, South Africa – a new type of Corona frightens

Corona, South Africa - a new type of Corona frightens

The variable is called «C. 1.2”, was first discovered in South Africa in May, and later was discovered in England, China, Congo, Mauritius, New Zealand, Portugal and Switzerland.

The South African National Institute of Infectious Diseases is working Their website has published a study on the new variant.

Both are American Bloomberg Australia Discuss the report.

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In May, the new variant accounted for 0.2 percent of the genetic material in the DNA sequence in South Africa. It rose to 1.6 percent in June, to 2 percent in July.

– It’s still a very small percentage, but we’re keeping a close eye on it, says Tulio de Oliveira in the report, who is the leader of the research group.

South Africa has been at the forefront of research on the coronavirus, and it was South African researchers who discovered the beta variant in 2020.

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– cause for concern

Chinese-American epidemiologist Eric Vegel-Ding shared the report TwitterThey exchanged their thoughts on the results obtained.

There is cause for concern that the new variant is more contagious than the variants we have now, he writes, and continues:

– This also means that the C12 variant has mutated so quickly and so far that this is the mutated variant that is farthest from the original Wuhan 1.0 variant. This could create problems for Vaccine 1.0.

The report shows that the new variant is shifting nearly twice as fast as the global mutation rate in the world right now.

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He and the researchers who wrote the article believe that the new variant poses an immune threat.

These mutations, along with changes in other parts of the virus, will help the virus evade antibodies and an immune response, including in patients who have already been infected with the alpha or beta variant.


No major outbreaks of the new variant have been recorded so far, but Ding cautions against having to gather large crowds.

Specifically referring to Cornwall English Music Festival which had 76,000 visitors. Where 5000 young people were injured and that A new version of the delta variable spread is suspected.

There have so far been four main types of coronavirus, with the delta variant first detected in India as the most contagious, which ensures infection rates are currently increasing worldwide.

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