Corona: Texa variant spreads in Saxony | Regional

Dresden / Leipzig – As the delta variant of the corona virus spreads, all occupants of a residential building in Dresden should be tested.

The city of Dresden announced Saturday that about 150 people have been affected. Three families living in the home have tested positive for corona. The delta variant, which is considered particularly contagious, has already been diagnosed in four out of ten people.

Tests at Apensellerstras are set to begin on Monday. As there were many children among those who tested positive, a day care center and their contact persons from five schools were also sent for isolation.

The mutant was also found in the district of Leipzig

The delta variant is now also found in the Leipzig district. The district announced Saturday that a man returning from abroad has tested positive.

On the other hand, a test on entry was initially negative. Meanwhile, two other members of the household are also affected. The Department of Health meticulously followed all communications.

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