Corona, Tonsberg | Corona’s passage will eliminate: – It reduces infection

Corona, Tonsberg |  Corona’s passage will eliminate: – It reduces infection

Some countries still require a valid Corona passport upon entry, even if the infection situation is under control. The Corona passport scheme should be scrapped, according to the FHI.

– The European Commission called on countries to stop using Corona passports as soon as the situation permits. We think this should happen as soon as possible, chief medical officer Preben Avetsland at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) tells TV 2.

Gone is the point because vaccinated people can become infected and can spread disease, he says.

The use of a corona certificate is modest when traveling between European countries, according to the assistant director of health Espen Rostrup Nakstad at the Norwegian Directorate of Health.

– Currently, there are a few places where the scheme is actively used, and then almost only at large events, he says.

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– decreased activity

In recent weeks, coronary heart disease has seen a sharp decline in this country. He also has influenza infection.

There is a decline in COVID-19 activity, but the numbers need to be looked at in light of different recommendations and practices for testing, says Dagfinn Skaare in the Department of Microbiology at Vestfold Hospital.

Influenza infection is also diminishing. In fact, despite the late start of the season this winter, it is below normal at the end of May.

In two weeks, according to the statistics of recent years, there will be no influenza infection.

At that time of year, there was also quite a bit of corona infection in the country, at least in Norway.

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The FHI may not recommend a new vaccine dose for those under 45 years of age

The FHI likely does not recommend that healthy people under 45 years of age take a new booster dose. In the long term, they expect an annual vaccine will only be offered for the oldest.

As it now appears, no more doses will be recommended for healthy people under 45, but we are constantly evaluating this based on the knowledge we have about the epidemic and the vaccine, says chief medical officer Preben Avetsland at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH) to TV2 .

On Wednesday this week, department director Are Stuwitz Berg at FHI NTB told the NTB that they expect to make new recommendations right after the summer about what will happen with the vaccination this fall.

In a letter sent to municipalities earlier this month, the FHI wrote that the most likely scenario now is that municipalities will be required to introduce a new dose for the age group 65 and older and some at-risk groups in the fall.

For healthy people between the ages of 45 and 65, the recommendation is now three doses of the vaccine. Aavitsland tells TV 2 that the FHI is not sure if a fourth dose of these is needed in the fall.

– It is more likely in the long run that the oldest will get an annual vaccination, while the young ones can do without it. However, it depends on how long the effect will appear and which variants of viruses will circulate in the coming years, he says.

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