Corona travel rules: – Quarantine requirements for hotels are canceled from Spain

Corona travel rules: - Quarantine requirements for hotels are canceled from Spain

On Friday, the government said in a press release that there will be no entry restrictions and quarantine requirements for new countries or regions.

No entry restrictions or quarantine requirements will be imposed for any country in Europe, but for three countries, quarantine hotel requirements will be lifted, according to the press release.

For Spain, Monaco and Andorra, the requirement to quarantine hotels has been abolished. Andorra turns from dark red to red.

No changes have been made to entry restrictions and quarantine requirements for regions in Sweden or Denmark.

However, entry restrictions and quarantine requirements for the Öland region in Finland have been lifted.

The assessment background for Week 35 is an updated professional assessment from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH) of the infection level.

World Travel Council Extension

The Department of Foreign Affairs is expanding the Travel Council, which advises against absolutely nonessential travel to all countries except the EU/EEA, Switzerland and the UK.

There will still be exceptions for some countries and regions included in the EU third country list. The travel advice is valid until October 1.

– We’re still in an abnormal situation. Changes in both the spread of infection and local restrictions are rapidly changing and making the situation unpredictable. In the press release, Secretary of State Ine Eriksen Soered says it remains unjustified to cancel the WTC at this time.

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colors now

Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are still green.

The following countries remain orange or red, or change from orange to red (the same rules apply to orange and red countries):

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Orange: Italy, San Marino, Vatican State, Croatia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Austria, Latvia, Malta (changed from red) and the Netherlands (changed from red).

Red: Portugal, Ireland, Iceland, Greece, France, Estonia, Belgium, Lithuania, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Bulgaria (changed from orange), Germany (changed from orange).

Cyprus and the United Kingdom remain in dark red.

No changes were made to the Purple Earth’s classification. Australia, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and Taiwan remain purple.

The purpose of the rules is to reduce the risk of imported infections. All changes are effective from midnight, night until Monday 30 August.

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